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    Okay, we were teasing Crebis about being a healthcare professional and he threw out a 10 code. Well, since I don't know them I went and googled them. Here they are for your enjoyment (pulled off the Florida Highway Patrol website)

    10-1 Receiving Poorly - Speak up your Mic is bad

    10-2 Receiving Well - There we go, we can hear you now

    10-3 Stop Transmitting - STFU

    10-4 OK/Acknowledgment

    10-5 Relay Radio Information - OMG! What's the TS info

    10-9 Repeat - Eh? Say again?

    10-11 Dispatching To Rapidly - Everyone mount up and go!

    10-12 Visitor or Official Present - Shhh! They're in the raid, quit talking about them!

    10-13 Conditions - Durability/Buff check

    10-15 Prisoner in Custody - Wife/Girlfriend/Family Aggro

    10-18 Complete Assignment Quickly - Hurry it up!

    10-19 Return to Station/Office - Need a portal

    10-20 Location - Where the hell are you?

    10-21 Call Station / Office By Phone - Check guild/raid/officer chat.

    10-23 Standby - You're on the waitlist

    10-24 TROUBLE SEND HELP - Someone pull this thing off me!

    10-25 Contact With - Event started, look alive.

    10-26 Message Received - Orders confirmed

    10-27 DL Check - *no translation*

    10-28 Registration Check - Need someone to approve me for raid sign ups

    10-29 Wanted Check - Who wants what gear?

    10-29P Wanted Check-Person - Is *insertnamehere* on line yet?

    10-30 Against Rules And Regulations

    10-31 IN PURSUIT - Runner!


    10-34 Subpoena - Who's doing DKP?

    10-35 Confidential Information - I want to complain about someone.

    10-36 Correct Time - Why haven't invites gone out yet?

    10-37 Duty Officer On Duty - Who's raid leader/master looter/DKP recorder?

    10-38 Roadblock - Gotta pull these up ahead

    10-39 Message Delivered - Sent you a tell, answer would be nice

    10-41 In Possession Of - I have pots/food/items to give out.

    10-43 Any Information - Anything to add on this boss?

    10-45 Call By Phone - Someone is talking about you in guild/raid/officer chat.

    10-46 URGENT - OMG! Pull it together people!

    10-48 End of Message Did You Receive? - Everyone clear on that?

    10-49 Sheriffs Office / Police Department - *no translation*

    10-51 En-route - Running now

    10-52 ETA - How long? Need a summon?

    10-53 Coming To Station/Office - Flying to *city* now

    10-54 Negative - Oh hells no

    10-55 Unit To Unit Transmission - Talk to a class for the buff you need

    10-56 Meet At - Everyone head to...

    10-57 Departing Zone - Boat/mount just took off

    10-58 Entering Zone - Boat/mount just landed

    10-61 Service Needed - Need summon/food/water/cookie/buffs

    10-63 Request For - Anyone got any pot/food/bandages?

    10-63B BAC Technician - *no translation*

    10-63F Plane Or Helicopter - *no translation*

    10-63K K9 - Who let the dogs out?

    10-63P Perimeter - *no translation*

    10-63S SRT- *no translation*

    10-64 Radio Net Free - Everyone shut up on comms.

    10-65 Clear To Copy - Alright, now that its quiet.

    10-66 Cancel - Nevermind.

    10-69 Fire Truck - *no translation*

    10-70 Wrecker - Chair is main puller

    10-76 Change Radio Frequency - We're switching TS channels

    10-71 Ambulance/Rescue - Need heals!

    10-88 Telephone Number - *no translation*

    10-94 REQUEST ROUTINE BACKUP - Need mana regen/heals/CC now.

    10-97 Arrival - I'm there

    10-98 Completed / Cleared - w00t! Instance done

    10-99 Unable To Receive Your Signal - Sorry, off comms.

    10-100 ALERT - REMAIN IN CONTACT - Everyone pay attention, this is important


    10-155 Private Call - VIA RADIO - *no translation*
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    Re: Dispatch Codes

    FYI, 10 codes are often different depending on the agency. For instance, 10-99 is often the code for "shots fired" and 10-100 is "officer down". Some are very common among different agencies, like 10-4 copy and acknowledge, 10-8 on duty/in service, 10-7 off duty/out of service...

    Look at the codes that the different agencies use just in this one area:

    More info here:
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      Re: Dispatch Codes

      LOL Tarenth, that's great!


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        Re: Dispatch Codes

        10-6 Time check
        10-17 Unit back at base
        10-100 Keep comms clear until further notice

        These are some from a bus dispatcher point.




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