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    After reading and reading (reading STILL = BAD), I have come to the conclusion that we NEED to be more carefull in this fight. We need to make sure he is at 21% before brining him to the last egg. If he pops his top at anything above 15%, I don't think we have much of a chance.

    I've also read that maybe we need to change the strat about the eggs...Why not designate 3 people to each egg. Get the egg down to 5%. The grp of 3 can also handle the egg spawn as well. Less people might die and therefore have more DPS in phase 2. What do you think?

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    Re: Buru The Gorger...

    The problem is not really the egg spawns killing people, its Buru catching up to the person running because they ran down a one way path (IE: Behind the waterfall pipe into deep water). After Buru has pulled your arms and legs off and left your bleeding corpse behind he typically goes after the next person before we have a time to call it out and rampages through the raid until the egg is clear.

    Anyhow, you have a 45 second soft timer to nuke an egg down for Buru. After 45 seconds the only class that can keep ahead of Buru (who speeds up the longer he isn't hit with an egg) is a hunter using AotC and even that will only last about 10-15 seconds longer.

    The second half of the fight is pretty much a race and is where I usually differ in opinion with the raid leaders. You want to pull as much damage as possible on him in as short a time as possible (spamming executes, hammers, instant cast spells, ANYTHING) before his plague gets you. You also have to deal with all the eggs that have respawned poping and tossing out elites that (at our current level of organization and planning) will wipe the raid. I believe Nature Resist is something that shouldn't be much of a concern since it won't help you live much longer anyhow. You should stack as much stamina and damage gear as possible and try to outdamage Buru with everyone else. Priests, Warriors, and Warlocks need to pull in the spawns then fear them. Mages can also freeze them in place with frost nova.

    If you're worried about being watched then here's a tip for you. Turn on "Target of Target" in the WoW interface or whatever mod you want for that. After damage is called off the egg all nonessencial classes and people for breaking the egg should Focus Fire on Buru to try and whittle down his hp as much as possible (unless he's too low of course). This has the added benfit of having him targeted for target of target when the egg breaks. He will target someone a split second before the announcement of aggro and give you a little more time to run for your life.

    Also, don't Feign Death, Vanish, or Bubble if you have aggro. If you leave combat he will pick a new target and Murphy's law states that person will be unaware and close by resulting in a death. -.-
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      Re: Buru The Gorger...

      Since I was charged with running around with Buru chasing the person he was chasing I can say that most people did a good job in kiting him around and it generally wasn't that the egg wasn't down fast enough. We had a couple people that wouldn't run back when they needed to and that causes problems. We also had a couple people that took a very poor path into the dead end under the pipe. It looks like if you just run up the hill and let him follow you by the time you jump off the edge they were calling out for Buru to be brought back. And for the most part people were able to stay alive. There were a couple times when he picked a squishy that had no chance because he was between them and any decent kiting path. After seeing our very close attempts I think its just a matter of timing that last egg a bit better and then have everyone just give it everything they've got from a dmg point of view. The nature pots helped since they absorbed some of the damage. But anybody that goes down during that kiting really hurts us - we need everything we can get for that last push.
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        Re: Buru The Gorger...

        3 People should be able to get the egg down to 5% in 45 seconds. After that, all the egss should be there. We shouldn't lose a single person after the first egg until he pops his shell. We also have to get better at running through the egg then stopping so he is directly over the egg.

        EVERYONE needs to be aware of who he is targeting. Know that after the egg is destroyed, he will pick a new target. IF everyone keeps that in mind and looks/listens, we should have more then enough time to kite him up the hill and jump down.




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