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Sorry about the early departure

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  • Sorry about the early departure

    Hey gang, just wanted to put up a quick post apologizing for my early departure last night. I'm not sure what was happening with Road Runner but I could only stay connected for about 2 minutes at a time. I had a hell of a time even reconnecting to TS.

    We had a really nasty storm go through on Saturday and ever since then the power and cable have been a bit quirky.

    Anyway, I hope you were able to find a replacement quickly and bring Hakkar to his knees.

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    Re: Sorry about the early departure

    Yah, I've FINALLY got my wireless ISP in order up here in NYC (of course, i'm normally in S. FLA).

    I've literally had to spend hours on the phone with techs working through all the issues. If it's not some idiot shuttin off the power to the router by accident, it's the shear user-load causing problems.

    Anyways, I dropped from an MC raid similarly. But got it under control now. Probably reliably get 450 down 128 up now. which is fine for WoW-raids with the video dumbed down. I'm catchin over 1.5 miles on this powered antenna - it's pretty damned cool.


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      Re: Sorry about the early departure

      Same thing been happing to me too bear ...I was so pissed that by half way through the dreadstead quest i just said (****) this i need to
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