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  • Mods/Addons ????

    Ok After seeing how many mods are out there, I am totally overwhelmed.
    I dont want to spend the time to try out all of them, and I know I don't need every one of them. What would be the best few for a hunter and a druid up to level 30.

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    Re: Mods/Addons ????

    Oh Creeeeeeebiiiis. You're definately needed here.

    He's our resident Hunter and Druid Addon person, and our GM.

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      Re: Mods/Addons ????

      Crebis uses Flexbar the most with his hunter, but this requires tons of scripting. If you are comfortable with that, that is the way to go with both. His Druid ui seems buggy. Anahlahna uses standard ctmod and cosmos for ui. It is an absolute must to have decursive on your druid if you are going to run instances with it. Many people are using titan panel as their standard ui and love it. You don't need most of the other addons until you hit 56 and start doing raids, like lbrs or ubrs. Then you'll need ctraid and KTH threat meter.
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        Re: Mods/Addons ????

        CTMod & CTRaid
        Atlas and AtlasLoot Enhanced

        There are a whole lot more but those should serve you well as a starting point.
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          Re: Mods/Addons ????

          Thanks for the input guys!!


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            Re: Mods/Addons ????

            Just to add some for consideration:

            Auctioneer - for your profiteering activities.

            Discord Action Bars - if Flexbar is too much too soon. Once you get into Flexbar, thougth, you won't go anywhere else if you take the time to learn the basics.

            EquipCompare - a must and a given if you start with Cosmos.

            Fubar or Titan

            ItemRack - for creating and swapping equipment kits


            MyBags - combines all bags to one for inventory and bank

            X-perl (or variant) Unit Frames


            SmartMedic - cool macros to automate bandaging, eating, drinking, potions


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              Could anyone tell me where to get the latest Decursive? I've been looking but all I find are out of date.
              Thanks in advance...


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                Re: Mods/Addons ????

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                  Re: Mods/Addons ????

                  If you're a caster, Theorycraft is a great addon. It displays all sorts of info about spells based on your current gear profile. My favorite display is average damage. A number appears on icon showing the value. While raiding, it can also display, based on your mana pool, how many casts left you have of any spell. i.e. w/ full mana 12 fireballs. If you want to get into the nuts and bolts of your toon, this is a great mod.




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