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Razorgore 4 dummies!

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  • Razorgore 4 dummies!

    First look at your minimap. Don't have a minimap on your UI? Logout and bring it back then look at it.

    The room is a square. That square is tilted slightly to the side. Therefore, we shall call it a diamond.

    Now if you look at the minimap you will see several things:

    1) There is a north corner
    2) The exit is to the north west
    3) There is a west corner
    4) The orb of domination is to the south west
    5) There is a south corner
    6) The enterance is to the south east
    7) There is an east corner
    8) Razorgore starts in the north east

    First thing you need to do is draw a line directly across the room from the enterance to the exit. This is the safe zone in the middle. Then draw one along the SE and NW walls. These are also safe zones on the sides. DO NOT LEAVE THE SAFE ZONES BEFORE THE PULL. This means no crossing over diagonally. You want to move to the center? Walk along the wall towards the enterance and then up the middle to the center.

    Since people liked the baseball analogy then this is as follows.

    South corner = Home Plate
    East corner = First Base
    North corner = Second Base
    West corner = Third base

    The raid is futher split into four groups.

    Groups 1 + 2 = A
    Groups 3 + 4 = B
    Groups 5 + 6 = C
    Groups 7 + 8 = D

    Everyone starts at home plate. The controller and his two guards are then pulled by a hunter. EVERYONE FOCUS ON THE CONTROLLER. Once the controler goes down B runs to third base and C runs to second base. A and D stay at home plate to take down the 2 guards. Once the guards go down D runs to first base. This is the initial set up.

    WARRIORS have the 'fun' job of kiting. This means you need to bring some crappy boots with the speed enchant on them for this. I suggest green boots of stamina or some trash blues. You get aggro on as many mobs as possible then 'run the bases'. First -> Second -> Third -> Home -> First. Demoralizing shout should be spammed as much as possible as well as piercing howl if you've got it. If you're hearing/seeing aggro go into the healers then detour into them and taunt/demo shout to get aggro and add it into your kite.

    PALADINS and DRUIDS are healing from the center. Lets call it the pitcher's mound. Paladins are responsible for flash and big heals on kiters. Druids should try to rejuv or regrowth kiters if they get low and sleep dragonkin if you see them. Heal sporatically, but make sure your warriors stay above 60% at least. If you get aggro you have three options:

    1) Join the kite but in the reverse order (Home -> Third -> Second -> First -> Home) so that a warrior will eventually pick it up. You will run through their kite packs so you may eat a few cleaves. Use discretion if you do this.
    2) Do NOTHING. A warrior or hunter will pick it up when they see you.
    3) Lose it. Druids can go cat and cower, but it costs a lot of mana. Paladins can bubble out, but you will still hold aggro. Also, paladins can blessing of protection someone in danger, but don't count on it.

    PRIESTS (depending on numbers and the fad of the moment) will be positioned along the corners or the center. Their job is to use small heals to help the paladins and druids keep the kiters up as well as their own individual letter group.

    HUNTERS your position is actually slightly different. You will stand on top of the ramp nearest your letter position. This will provide you with three things:

    1) An elevated view of the battlefield to spot out mages for elimination
    2) An unobstructed view and range of the healers at the pitcher's mound for snap pulling
    3) Access to the ramps on and off your position so you can FD/trap with FROST TRAP to aid the kiters with a nice snare.

    Provide DPS to your group and take down any mage you see and keep the healers in the center alive. That's about it.

    EVERYONE ELSE (rogues, warlocks, mages) you will stay on your 'base' and work on weeding out the kiting packs. Three types of mobs will spawn in your locations.
    1) Legionares - We want legionares. NO TOUCHIE! These are the best mobs to kite. Stay away from them since they do a cleave.
    2) Dragonkin - We want dragonkin. NO TOUCHIE! These are kitable, but are somewhat of a pain since they are immune to snares.
    3) Mages - All mages MUST DIE. Kill any mage you see until they stop popping up.

    Since all the warriors are busy with a kite the rogues will be tanking. Focus fire and take down the mages ASAP.

    The objective of this phase of the fight is for a controller to get Razorgore to break all the eggs in the room. The details of the controller's job can be read in Arkamis' write up. If you have not been briefed on what to do and are not designated a controller then DO NOT TOUCH THE ORB.

    If Razorgore dies before all the eggs are broken he will cause a chain explosion that will wipe the entire room. This is bad.

    If all the eggs are successfully destroyed ALL THE MOBS WILL DESPAWN and we move into phase 2.

    Phase 2 is a somewhat complicated tank and kill phase. Complicated because he uses a lot of fire and warriors (unless we have enough to leave some out of the kite) aren't really in FR gear. There is some positioning and stuff, but I'm going to go off what Arkamis says in his write up until I see it for myself.



    Groups 1 + 2 = A = Home Plate
    Groups 3 + 4 = B = Third Base
    Groups 5 + 6 = C = Second Base
    Groups 7 + 8 = D = First Base

    Warriors: Kite mobs using demo shout and piercing shout. Bring speed enchanted boots

    Paladins: Healadin duty from the center

    Druids: Light healing and CC on dragonkin

    Mages: Kill mages from your base/plate

    Warlocks: Kill mages from your base/plate

    Rogues: Tank and kill mages from your base/plate

    Priests: Light healing

    Huters: Frost traps on the ramps. DPS/spot mages. Watch center and pull loose mobs into reverse kite.

    Controller: Break eggs with Razorgore. Sleep dragonkin. Sow chaos
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    Re: Razorgore 4 dummies!

    Nice summary Tarenth...

    Here's a little bit more to add:

    #1 Please show up
    #2 Pay attention before the fight
    #3 Pay attention during the fight
    #4 Pay attention after the fight

    While there's alot to the strat it boils down to the same thing as most every other fight. There's a fine line between wiping and winning with very few deaths. If people do their job we'll be fine and everyone will be like - "wow that was pretty easy that time".

    That being said -- let's get in there with a FULL raid and kick ass.
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      Re: Razorgore 4 dummies!

      #5 Dont leave after you've died a few times.
      #6 Dont worry about repair bills, because in the long run it costs more to take him out stretched over weeks of time. If you're out of money, ask to borrow some. If he's downed in ONE-NIGHT, it will be plenty cheaper for everyone in the long run.
      #7 Love thy Raid-leader; this is a fight that RLs in many guilds get very frustrated in. It's not just their job to "keep the peace" and keep the raid nice 'n loose and having fun, it's everyone's. If people ARENT having fun? See #5. :)
      #8 Maintain the "inchworm on a straight razor" attitude. Lithe and flexible, yet sharp and efficient. You must come with pwnage on your mind and not be willing to waver until you succeed... this goes for RLs too.

      About #8, it's really what this fight is all about. Your mind. If you're weak of it, u die repeatedly and quit; you're of the type that plays WoW solely because u can spam one button and get pretty purple gear... If this is you, DONT SIGN UP.
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        Re: Razorgore 4 dummies!

        Here is a video to go with the words everyone has been saying(this is from a druids point of view)
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          Re: Razorgore 4 dummies!

          Damn you Alava, beat me to linking that video.


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            Re: Razorgore 4 dummies!

            Haha...pwned : )
            70 Night Elf Priest-Lunaar(holy)
            70 Human Mage-Alava(Fire)
            70 Night Elf Hunter-Insai(Beast Master)
            70 Dwarf Paladin-Ginoldor(Protection)
            70 Human Warrior-Revenged(Protection)
            70 Draenei Shaman-Tianora(Elemental)
            70 Draenei Shaman-Fayrel(Restoration)
            50 Undead Priest-Eikyl(Shadow)




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