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    Right...36 hours without WoW is a bummer, but it gives me more time to touch bases with some of my friends and see what they're up to. Suffice to say they are a tad...eccentric. Kinda like me actually which makes sence.

    Here's some of the fun stuff they shot me they found amusing.

    This and this are the first things that made me grin. Gotta admit that for K-pop (Korean Pop Music) those two aren't half bad. The animation also has one word to describe it...cute.

    The Yuyu has a silly name but is a GREAT example of celtic style music with a pan flute.

    MUHAHAHAHAHA Play this somehow so the people listening can't turn it off. Then take bets on who the first to crack is. Good times.

    This defies definition. A nice WTH? moment for anyone. it enough and the tune just gets stuck in your head. does.

    This one is from the same person as the one above. Interesting choice of music even if the quality is so so.

    Evul! This song is probably the original twitch music. You hear it enough times you start to twitch? Animation is based off the Japanese Anime Naruto.

    Of course...that note just begs to show my favorite opinion of the Americanization of Japanese cartoons. the originals some day and compare them. The difference is...shocking.
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    It was a confirmed casualty some time ago.

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    Re: Amusing Flash

    That's not crap, THIS is crap:
    “Waiting to be awakened by some unexpected thunderous roar, never dying...the sleeping giant lives and will sleep no more”. - John Seabrook


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      Re: Amusing Flash

      ew..... whatever u do.. dont open more than one instance of that
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