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Gratz to All - Thanks to Ark

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  • Gratz to All - Thanks to Ark

    TG made another big step last night taking down our first BWL boss. I know everyone's pretty excited and hopefully that will mean ques for BWL raids like we have for MC raids. Without that stupid server issue on Saturday we would had MC done and could have taken a few shots at Vael on Sunday. But no matter what this is huge for us.

    Great job everyone and a special thanks to Arkamis who did a fantastic job getting people there and leading us through. Running the healers with the warriors was an awesome change. That was much easier on us than any other time I've ever been in that fight (successful or not). Thanks to all the players since that fight is one where *everyone* has to do their job. It just goes to show what a great team following a great leader can do.

    Looking forward to reading the Vael strat this week. Let's keep on it.
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    Re: Gratz to All - Thanks to Ark

    Agreed. Kudos Arkamis and everyone on a great job. Now let's go kick Vael in the teeth and wake him up for a beat down. :)
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      Re: Gratz to All - Thanks to Ark

      Everyone did an amazing job, both attempts looked smooth and worked like clockwork!

      And Ark, thanks for your patience in heated moments. We know it's not always easy herding a gang of misfits like us :)

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        Re: Gratz to All - Thanks to Ark

        Indeed, we all brought some high-level play into BWL last night. Great work on that, all! :row__572:


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          Re: Gratz to All - Thanks to Ark

          Grats comes my favorite fight of the whole place...i mean who doesn't like killing a dragon with as many hit points as Rag..oh should i mention he's only at 30% health when you fight him....oh wait....and that you have to kill him in 3 minutes. But seriously if have a good strat he's not that bad. I hope to hear you guys takng down Vael then 1 shotting broodlord soon.
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