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  • Warriors - Fire Resistance!!

    After our last MC outing, one of our priests asked me about FR minimums for MC runs. The context for the question is that one or more of the warriors in the raid had around 50 FR and was dying early in each Ragnaros attempt despite efforts to keep them healed.

    I am posting this here (and a related post/update in the Tactics and Strategy forum) to be as clear as possible.

    While we haven't had to be hard-nosed about establishing minimums for FR, each warrior who expects to participate in MC runs (or BWL) should have around 150 FR. You are expected to reach that level ON YOUR OWN.

    Achieving this level of FR is doable with some planning for quests, some careful AH shopping and going after known FR items. There is a lot of gear listed in the relevant threads in the Tactics and Strategy Forum. Check it out.

    In fairness to the rest of the raid members and to your healers, if you don't have 150 FR as a warrior, you should focus your efforts toward reaching that level or close to it BEFORE showing up for known FR fights like Magmadar, Geddon or Ragnaros.

    I'm happy to entertain any questions on this or to be specific about advice on FR "shopping" lists.

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