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  • My Build

    I've been asked a few times what my build is. So, I will answer it here in order to answer it globaly. My answer will include my stats as currently geared.

    Before I do, however, let me say this.. This spec works FOR ME and I would be hard pressed to change it any time soon. I know some think that there is a better end game spec, I just do not agree.

    This is not a spec that is specific to anything, and that is why I like it thus far. Im not a big on PVPing, so its not geared to that. Id love to go back to beastmastery, but that wouldnt be good for end game.

    Nevertheless here it is:

    Beast Mastery 0

    Marksmanship 21 (as follows)
    Efficiency 5/5
    Lethal Shots 5/5
    Improved Arcane Shot 2/5
    Hawkeye 3/3
    Improved Serpent Sting 3/5
    Mortal Shots 2/5
    Barrage 1/3

    Survival 30 (as follows)
    Monster Slaying 3/3
    Humanoid Slaying 3/3
    Deflection 2/5
    Savage Strikes 2/2
    Improved Wing Clip 2/5
    Survivalist 5/5
    Improved Feign Death 2/2
    Surefooted 3/3
    Killer Instinct 3/3
    Lightening Reflexes 5/5

    Current Stats unbuffed:
    Strength 55
    Agility 533
    Stamina 239
    Intellect 119
    Spirit 113
    Armor 3384
    Melee Attack Power 728
    Main Hand DPS 94.5
    Off Hand DPS 44.2
    Ranged Attack Power 1254 wtih Gun / 1246 with Bow
    Ranged DPS 174.0 with Gun (using Rockshard Pellets & Thick Leather Ammo Pouch) / 165.8 with bow (using Thorium Arrows & Quickdraw Quiver)

    My main and offhand weapons both suck. Id get laughed at if I posted them here...
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    Re: My Build


    Alternatively you could always just go here.

    Hey, what works for you works for you. Gotta admit its an interesting spec Doof.
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    It was a confirmed casualty some time ago.

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      Re: My Build

      thats only good if i update it.......

      So ill do that now.
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        Re: My Build

        im using version 2.4.1 already. do not see a patch for it. oh well.
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          Re: My Build

          And then I turn around and re-specced to Beastmaster a month ago...
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            Re: My Build

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