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  • Tier 0 Gear

    i want to finish off my tier 0 set and i need to do the following instances...

    Strat Undead-Boots/Pants
    UBRS-Chest Piece

    anyone who can help me with getting this stuff let me know and we can set something up..Thanks Drate

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    Re: Tier 0 Gear

    I want to finish a quest or two in Scholo still, so I'd be up for helping out there, assuming I'm not raiding....
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      Re: Tier 0 Gear

      Drate I need to do UBRS for a quest, but I am always up for any run to help people out. You know how to find me in game, just whisper me if you need help, if i'm free I'll help.


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        Re: Tier 0 Gear

        Originally posted by Drate View Post
        i want to finish off my tier 0 set and i need to do the following instances...
        Finish off .... lol looks like your just getting started there bud :P I see much PUGing in your future. No worries we all went threw this for the most part, and if you are really lucky your stuff will drop with in 1-5 times of visiting each instance.. but as most of us know.. some times it takes 20-50 visits.
        keep your head up :) also as you start doing ZG and AQ 20 you will get items that are equivalent, if not better than your T0 set. My Druid zephera hit 55 last night so I will be doing the pug grind as well in a week or two. Ill give you a shout when that happens maybe we can run some instances. oh and one last thing.. hit BRD for some good FR gear you will be needing it for MC, also DM has some great drops, groups are alittle harder to find but this is a great instance to run many times :)


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          Re: Tier 0 Gear

          The [item]Beaststalker's Tunic[/item] is actually inferior to the [item]Ogre Forged Hauberk[/item] you have now. Doing UBRS for a lesser piece is pointless.

          However I suppose you could replace your [item]Band of the Penitent[/item] with a [item]Painweaver Band[/item] from UBRS. Its not on your list, but its an upgrade.

          Also getting a [item]Blackhand's Breadth[/item] would be very very nice. Its a quest reward for killing Wyrmthalk (Dragonkin boss of LBRS) and getting the starter then finishing UBRS in a group.

          The DM trinket for turning your class book to the library at DM:N is also a nice piece to get for both damage and FR.

          [item]Beaststalker's Mantle[/item] is hardly worth the effort of trying to run LBRS repeatedly for it. Mostly because no one ever goes to LBRS. Getting [item]Bone Golem Shoulders[/item] off Rattlegore in Scholo will give you more agility and intel, if not as much stamina. There's also the option of trying to talk Luna or one of the blacksmiths into making a [item]Bloodsoul Shoulders[/item] for you out of bank materials or materials you acquire over the AH. Bloodsoul has as much agility as the [item]Giantstalker's Epaulets[/item] so it should serve you well.

          [item]Beaststalker's Cap[/item] is probably one of the best hunter headpieces before you hit MC and well worth trying to get your grubby little mits on. However if you don't feel like trusting the roll of a dice on loot from Gandling then you might want to try gunning for [item]Backwood Helm[/item] out of the DM:W quest you get in DM:W to (this is the fun part) clear DM:W. Scholo runs are somewhat easier than DM:W runs but getting the extra stamina out of the cap might not match the crit and 1 agility from the backwood in your eyes. So pick whichever you want out of the two.

          The [item]Beaststalker's Pants[/item] are also very very nice. Personally I hate them because it took me 92 consecutive Baron Strat runs to get them. If you want something right now you could always attach yourself to a Duke killing team in Silithus and hope some [item]Abyssal Mail Legguards[/item] of striking drop for you. Also, since they're BoE you could troll the AH and ask Ark for cash to get them. ;)

          Of course [item]Beaststalker's Boots[/item] are pretty easy to farm in Baron Strat since they fall off the first boss. If you remember our attempt at 45 min Baron he can be pulled and killed in under 3 minutes.

          Other options are:
          [item]Bloodstained Greaves[/item] from ZG.
          [item]Boots of the Qiraji General[/item] from AQ20.
          [item]Knight-Lieutenant's Chain Greaves[/item] from PvP rank 7.

          Saddly the Beaststalker set was nerfed horrendously when they added the Tier 0.5 quests and armor pieces. The bonuses went from +AP, +armor, +crit, +all ranged weapon skill, and +resists to +Armor, +AP, +200 mana on 4% of shots, and +resists. You already have some pieces that surpass the beaststalker counterparts, so unless you want to start a collection (like me) or get the beastmaster set you might as well get replacement parts for what you don't have then focus on things like the ZG set pieces and MC gear.

          Also...get to work on your FR gear. :P

          If you wanna run some of those instances hit me up when I'm free and I'll be happy to go on runs with ya.
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            Re: Tier 0 Gear

            you know i'll always help ya Drate, just say when
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