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Diary of Lord Victor Nefarius

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  • Diary of Lord Victor Nefarius

    8:00 AM - Woke up, had a light breakfast. Found the orcs playing with
    that blasted orb again. Put up a notice that the orb was only to be
    used to control Razorgore, not for fun and games. Promoted Grethlok to
    orb controller, after eating previous one. Too spicy.

    9:00 AM - Revised my dramatic speeches for when heroes invade. Tried
    testing them out on Rend, but he was busy with his dragon. Worst gift
    I could have given him.

    10:00 AM - Had long distance telepathy call with sis. Said something
    about her plot being discovered and heroes invading her lair. Told her
    to calm down and gave her some lines from my dramatic speech. She can
    be such a pain sometimes.

    11:00 AM - Went to see Ragnaros and mock him. Kept spouting stupid one
    liners like "BY FIRE BE PURGED!" Stood outside his range and laughed
    at his inability to move.

    12:00 PM - Lunch. Gnome a la flambe!

    1:00 PM - Daily invasion of the Spire. 10 people charged in, killed a
    ton of guards, popped all the eggs in my rookery, and died. Ordered
    replacements to go and patrol the rooms they cleared.

    2:00 PM - Oops! Slightly more organized invasion into the Spire.
    Cleared through to the arena, sent down packs one at a time. Rend got
    impatient, sent him down last with that stupid dragon he loves so
    much. He got killed. Big whoopsie there, mainly because his death
    opened the gates, somehow. Note to self: Get better contractors.

    3:00 PM - Vaelstraz invades lair. Walks by Razorgore for some reason,
    those stupid orcs are slacking off again. Engage in epic battle.

    4:00 PM - Get Vael to 30%, get tired. Mind control him and decide to
    take a nap.

    5:00 PM - Wake up to huge invasion of lair by mortals. Razorgore goes
    nutso after all his eggs are destroyed, scares off my troops, then
    gets killed. Gate opens for some reason. Decide to sic Vael on them
    after using my dramatic speeches I prepared. Found some red scepter
    shard or something. I figure I'll give them exactly five hours to
    retrieve it, or I'll destroy it. Quickly write more dramatic speeches
    about the status of the shard, though I haven't touched it at all.

    6:00 PM - Vael was killed, no big loss. Invaders slowed down by
    supression room. Realized usefulness of room, despite making going to
    the bathroom a pain. Broodlord killed, someone took his head for some

    7:00 PM - Firemaw killed, start to worry. Go through my treasure horde
    and remove a Stormrage Chestguard and Nemesis Robes, just in case.
    Note to self: Make dragon soldiers that aren't horribly weak to one
    element, or at least use more than three of them.

    8:00 PM - invaders reach Ebonroc. Start to assemble an elite army of
    40 dragonkin, order them to enter throne room one at a time only after
    I give signal. Only a matter of time, Ebonroc and Flamegor weren't
    supposed to do anything, I just felt bad for them and gave them some
    gloves to hold. Shame on me for giving them responsibility.

    9:00 PM - Chromaggus released, killed. Opened gate to throne room for
    some reason. Really need to get that checked out. Invaders charged in,
    got naked, and danced around in front of me. One talked to me, so I
    gave him my huge speech, then said the key words, "Let the games
    begin!" Dragons came out and killed invaders. Had a celebratory 15
    minute ice cream break.

    10:00 PM - Invaders back, for some reason. Apparently, death is only a
    minor inconvienience. Weren't naked this time. Killed my army, so I
    went into dragon form and started attacking. For some reason, I can't
    hit the healers, this warrior is just too shiny. Glad I brought those
    chestpieces with me. Keep corrupting mages, like seeing giraffes
    running around.

    11:00 PM - IMPOSSIBLE! I am the master here! You mortals are nothing
    to my kind! Do you hear me, NOTHING! Good last line.

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    Re: Diary of Lord Victor Nefarius

    Hmm... wasn't this posted a couple weeks ago? Or am I just hallucinating again...




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