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    This is a post I dug up from Thottbot. This is why I sent in Kitty before Beep on Vael, or I should say this post supports my decision. This is regards to the Spineshatter. First Vael death FTW!!

    I just picked this up, so I have yet to do testing, but I know it is going to be better than quel.

    Weapon speed only matters for ONE fight in endgame tanking. That is Vael. Because that is the only fight that gives you enough rage to throw a HS on every weapon swing.

    The only reason a fast weapon can ever generate more rage than a slower one with equal dps is because of Unbriddled Wrath.

    Spineshatter = 54.5+( (9*2)/14 from the str) = 55.8 dps
    Bloodlord's = 48.2

    Now, rage generation is damage/(0.5*level). Ignoring atk power bonus from other gear and crit chance (as that will be identical with the two weapons), that leaves us with the following rage/second numbers. Also note that rage generation is purely based on dps, independent of weapon speed.

    Spineshatter = 55.8/(0.5*60) = 1.86 rage/second
    Bloodlord's = 48.2/(0.5*60) = 1.61 rage/second
    Quel'Serrar = 52.5/(0.5*60) = 1.75 rage/second

    Now, assume the tank has unbriddled wrath. That is 40% chance to get 1 rage on a melee hit.

    Spineshatter = 1.86 + 0.4/2.6 = 2.01 rage/second
    Bloodlord's = 1.61 + 0.4/1.9 = 1.82 rage/second
    Quel'Serrar = 1.75 + 0.4/2 = 1.95 rage/second

    Now that we have gotten the rage generation straight, lets move on to aggro.

    Aggro is only dependent on the weapon for Heroic Strike (HS). All other abilites are identical, regardless of weapon.

    A few philosophical considerations. When using HS as ragedump, it is assumed that the rage cannot be used for anything else that generates aggro. This is based on the fact that HS offers a limited increase in aggro over a sunder and that a HS prevents rage generation from the normal swing it replaces.

    Add to that the fact that anyone who tanks endgame knows that the amount of situations where you have unlimited rage is very sparse. And in any situation where you do not have more rage than you can dump with HS using a 2.6 weapon, using a 1.9 speed weapon will not help.

    HS aggro generation is equal to a sunder+the damage caused. So in an ideal situation with unlimited rage the threat difference between the 3 weapons will be the following (ignoring generation from any other abilites as that will be identical, assuming unlimited rage).

    Spineshatter = 55.8 + (138+260)/2.6 = 208.9 threat/second
    Bloodlord's = 48.2 + (138+260)/1.9 = 257.7 threat/second
    Quel'Serrar = 52.5 + (138+260)/2 = 251.5 threat/second
    Eskhandar's Right Claw = 48 + (138+260)/1.5 = 313.3 threat second

    These numbers show that in ideal unlimited rage situations, faster weapons are better. The bloodlord's will win over the spineshatter. However, that only happens during the Vael fight, and Eskhandar's Claw smacks anything else in terms of aggro generation on that fight.

    Now, going back to the rage generation numbers, Spineshatter does generate 10% more rage than Bloodlord's. That roughly translates to 10% more sunders in a fight where rage is limited. Of course incoming damage is the biggest source, but that will be the same for both weapons. On top of that, Spineshatter does 7.6 more dps than Bloodlord's, which adds directly to threat generation.

    On a tank with defiance and comparing to a rogue with salvation. 7.6 dps more on the tank's weapon will allow the rogue to do 17 dps more before pulling aggro. Now multiply those 15'ish dps with a whole raid worth of dps classes and you get something like +300 raid dps simply from using Spineshatter over Bloodlord's (very rough and inaccurate numbers, but the point is valid). When you do endgame, the aggro limits and raid dps is what matters. And the speed of the weapon has no effect on this at all.

    The stats are comparable, but in some cases 10 hp and 1 defense does matter. And with the amount of damage coming from non-physical sources in endgame, I would value 10 hp higher than 80 armor.
    Also, do not forget that 9 str adds 0.45 block value. Not a lot, but it does add up.

    To sum it up, Spineshatter is the best endgame tanking weapon. Although the differences between the 3 of the "top" ones is not really worth wanting one over the other for, unless you need the stamina increase going from Quel to Spineshatter.
    Sure, if you suck at tanking and dont know how to manage your rage/mobs, then a faster weapon does make tanking easier. However, if you know what you are doing, the speed of the weapon should make no difference.



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