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  • 60 Druid

    1.) What is the name and level of the character you would like to apply with? What is their race, class and talent spec? The name of my character that i would like to apply with Tactical Gamer is Panaxx. She is a 60 female Night Elf Druid. The spec for her is 0/17/34

    2.)What other characters do wish to bring into TG? (Name, race, class)
    I have a 60 Female human Mage. It is a possibilty of brining Salona into the guild.

    3.) Have you read and agreed to the Tactical Gamer Guild Creed and Values thread? Yes i have read and agreed.

    4.) About you:

    * How old are you? I am 16 years old.
    * What gender are you? I am a male.
    * What timezone are you in? I live in the Pacific Coast Timezone.
    * Cable, DSL, or dialup? I use DSL.

    5.) How often do you play? What times do you play? Is your gaming time flexible? I play as often as possible. I have school till 230PCT and then 2-3days i have work and then after that i am open to play all night or all day. When i do not have work I am also able to play. My Schedule is flexible.

    6.) Tell us about your experience with WoW. How long have you played? What have you enjoyed the most about your character(s)? I have played for approximatly 6 months. I enjoy healing on my Druid, and also enjoy raiding and DPSing on my Mage. Although my Druid is not quite as geared as my mage, I have the raid experience to do well on my Druid.

    7.) What professions/skills have you taken? (Profession, level)
    On Panaxx I am a 280 Enchanter, and a 300 skinner. I am also a 300 first aid.

    8.) How did you hear about Tactical Gamer? If you were recruited, who recruited you?
    I heard from a Real Life friend.
    9.) Are you a Supporting Member of Tactical Gamer? (i.e. do you help us pay the bills through a monthly subscription? For more information, please see the Becoming a Supporting Member thread. )No

    10.) Are you, or have you been, a member of any other guild(s)? If so, which guild(s), and what did you not like about that experience? (This is not a place to slander previous guilds. Be kind in your words.)I was in Ancient Legion on both my characters, and am now in Redemption. In Ancient Legion, there was to many members, and in the guild i am at the moment, it is moving a little to slow for my liking.

    11.) Do you have the Required mods?

    * Teamspeak installed and in working order? I have TeamSpeak.
    * Do you have a mic(optional)?I also have mic.
    * CT_RaidAssist installed?Yes I have CT_RaidAssist.
    * Decursive Installed? (druid-priest-pally-mage only need apply).Yes I have Decursive installed.

    For those who are level 50+, please answer the following questions:

    1.) Please tell us about your end game experience. I have A LOT of experience in ZG and ZQ 20. I have a few runs worth of experience in MC. And for BWL and AQ40 and Onyxia's Lair i have attempted first boss in BWL and AQ40 and done Onyxia 1 time.
    2.) Are you attuned to Molten Core?Yes i am attuned.
    2.) Onyxia's Lair? Yes I am attuned.
    3.) Blackwing Lair? Yes I am attuned.

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    Re: 60 Druid

    I see a lot of similarities to the other application post. Humm. Syntax is improved, yet still some minor capitalization mistakes. Also, its in the wrong place.

    Hey Luna? Think you can sweet talk Apo into giving us a small extension? Just a small board for applications so its not all lost in one thread or pushed to obscurity when the normal posts start to flow. ^_^
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      Re: 60 Druid

      Salona ty for you application but we have a minimum age requirement of 18 years old.

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        Re: 60 Druid

        hey so what is up with this 18 and under rule? I am just wondering so not to critisize the guild in any way.


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          Re: 60 Druid

          The 18 and over rule is one of those choices that have been part of the broad TG community (much larger than WoW and covering many games) for years.

          It's a choice that we made long ago with the goal of creating a place for gaming for mature players.

          From our Guild FAQ...

          What sort of guild is TG?

          Tactical Gamer is a guild created around the idea of mature gamers using teamwork and sound tactical gameplay to accomplish game-based goals. Tactical Gamer is a casual end-game raiding guild for mature (18+) players. We offer a friendly, cooperative home for skilled, dedicated players seeking end-game content on a regular (3-5 times per week) basis during the evenings after 7PM. We do not require minimum attendance from our members since we recognize the need to balance WoW with RL obligations of family, work and other commitments. We are currently seeking additional druids. We have an abundance of all other classes.

          We are regularly scheduling raids for ZG, MC, AQ20 and Onyxia...and soon we will be "graduating" to BWL.

          Do you have an age requirement?

          You must be 18 or older to join the Tactical Gamer guild. Guild member or not, we welcome all players to run with us provided that you want to work cooperatively as part of a team and act in a mature manner.
          From our guild creed...

          Our Values

          1. Maturity - TG was founded for mature gamers. We have generally interpreted that to mean 18 or older, with few exceptions. Age is not the only indicator of maturity but it is the best we have until there is first-hand experience with the individual. Maturity is concerned with style of play, interactions with other players and willingness to support the TG community values.
          From our guild recruitment policy...
          Before being invited into the guild:

          Prior to an invitation being extended to join the TG guild, the following requirements must be met:

          -Any potential recruits must be 18+, mature, respectful to guild members, and team-focused.

          -The potential recruit must be registered on the TG forums and have posted within the WOW forum, introducing themselves and their character.

          -Teamspeak must be installed, and utilized regularly. Our teamspeak IP and password can be found in the main forums once the person has registered.

          -Potential recruits must communicate with the Class Leaders. The class leaders determine if we are full of a certain class. Their endorsement is a normal prerequisite for an invitation.
          Hope this helps!

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            Re: 60 Druid

            ok i definantly understand the wanting for a mature guild. But not all players under 18 are immature. But i guess a rule is a rule so i cant do anything about it. Good luck.




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