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  • More BC news and fun...

    I'd like to start out by mentioning this...

    *drool* Granted, its older data mined out of the code before being removed due to the crit/hit changes. The new one hasn't been seen yet, but if that's a clue to things to come...

    For the officers to ponder...

    Originally posted by
    Burning Crusade : Contest to win 25 closed beta keys (40 guilds) for your guild

    The Burning Crusade Closed Beta Screenshot contest is open! The contest is open to any guild playing on European servers but you only have a few days to get those pictures in. To take part in the contest you will need the help of your Guild Master:

    * Each guild’s Guild Master must submit a screenshot displaying their guild positioned stood close to a well-known Non-Player Character
    * The submission will only be accepted from the Guild Master of the guild featured in the screenshot.
    * The competition is open from the 2nd of October to the 5th of October (inclusive).
    * The best 40 submissions will win 25 beta keys for their guild members.
    * The keys will be sent to the Guild Master who will then be required to distribute them to his guild-members.
    * Submissions must be made through the web-form located at:

    More details on contest :
    If that means a US version of a beta contest is coming that's something to think about.

    Or it could be a way to get the EUWoW players into beta since the Blizzcon option was just too hard for them to take part in.
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