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  • new UI I was talking about

    Ok, so here is my new UI.

    New UI
    In Action
    Another Action shot

    The big things to notice are the raid list on the left side. This is a mod called perfect raid that I found and now absolutely adore. One of my biggest issues in raids is that CTRA's groups cause massive lag for me. Anytime someone disconnects, changes groups or anything of the like, I get a hang. This has completely removed this issue. As well, it takes up less space, provides more information, and has a tiny memory footprint in comparison. Also works perfectly with Smartheal.

    The other major change I made was using the Big Wig's boss mods. These seem to be much much better than CT's. For example, in the 2nd and 3rd pics you will notice in the center of my screen a countdown on who is burning. If I was also an assistant, it would be able to put a raid marker on the head of the person who is burning to let the people around them know to move. In Razorgore it pops up a count of eggs every time one is destroyed.

    Other nice things I found was the NECB, which is an Enemy Casting bar. Shows when an enemy is casting a spell.

    Here is my list of mods now:

    Atlas Loot
    Perfect Raid
    Perl Classic Unit Frames/Pet Frames
    CT Bars
    FuBar and associated mods (Titanbar replacement)
    Serenity (the Priest circular mod near my actionbars)
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    Re: new UI I was talking about

    what does serenety do?
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      Re: new UI I was talking about

      Serenity keeps some of the less used spells around a single central location, allows you to drop out buffs, and more important to me, auto re-stock of reagents (you tell it how many candles you want to carry, and when you go to the reagent vendor it just buys you back up to that number), and you can configure it to be 1 click to whatever you want it to do (mine is set to use mana pot, and then shows countdown on when it is up again). Basically is autobar for priests with some nice lil bonuses.
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        Re: new UI I was talking about

        This is a picture of what i generally see in Raids.

        (YAaaar, Photobucket shrunk it. Not cool. let me know if you want to see it full size, and i'll send you the picture in an email)

        Of course, i've got a huge widescreen, so i can afford to have my raid splayed out across the bottom of my screen.

        Main mods i'm using are:
        X-perl Unit Frames
        ECasting Bar
        Moog HUD (not visible)
        and of course the vanilla WoW bars with a little bit of CT-Moveable bars. mmm, yum.

        As you can see, the Xperl Frames make the main tank list look sexy pretty, show the lucky charms of mobs, and blah blah blah.
        Another great thing about Xperl is the Character colouring... when you become afflicted with a disease/poison/magic, your portrait or raid bar will change colour, allowing me to know that it's probably time i decurse you... if i feel like it.

        I'm planning on respeccing to Irritation pretty soon. Granted, I'll lose the burst DPS from Pissing People Off Outright, but I'll get DoT's and higher damage through AoE's.


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          Re: new UI I was talking about

          Very nice Saj, I'll definitely being installing the PerfectRaid mod. I may even try your bossmods.
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            Re: new UI I was talking about

            How do you buff parties? With the raid alphabetized, seems tough to find people in the party you have to buff and who in that party might need rebuffing. Which mod tells you how much time is left on your target's rejuv, renew, regrowth?

            Looks interesting, I might pick up those two parts.
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              Re: new UI I was talking about

              Sajier set me up with this before the raid last night. It was amazing!!! I'll have to play with it a bit more to see what it all really does, but it made a Huge impact on raiding.


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                Re: new UI I was talking about

                Perfect Raid has the functionality to sort by groups. Here is a screenshot that I of my set up from last night. The part that is showing the countdown on the HoTs is Enemy Cast Bar.

                /praid sort group
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                  Re: new UI I was talking about

                  Heres what i see... yeah, not much. Three week old picture =/


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                    Re: new UI I was talking about

                    Yeoch. I wouldn't be able to deal with that, I like to be able to see what's going on and that just has too much going on in the middle of the screen for me.
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