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  • Burning Crusade PvP info

    Player vs Player

    The first noticeable PvP difference is the new talents for each class. Every class is receiving talents focused on reducing the damage they take, which will help increase the length of PvP encounters. Additional talents such as Blessed Resilience and Pain Supression for Priests create numerous useful PvP spec for support classes, and DPS classes are finding new talents that broaden their use in group PvP. Affliction Warlocks right now control the flow of the fight with their new 41 point talent, Unstable Affliction. This one since spell can lock down a group's ability to remove crowd control and damage over time spells off of their members.

    Outdoor PvP:

    For those of you who have tried out the lackluster world PvP objectives that were added to Silithus and Eastern Plaguelands, worry not! Three of the zones so far in the Alpha test have PvP objectives that have rewards that actually have an impact on the development of your character.

    Hellfire Peninsula: This is the first zone that you encounter when traveling to Outlands. There are three controllable locations in the center of the zone, right behind the entrance to the instances (Hellfire Ramparts, The Blood Furnace, The Shattered Halls, Magtheridonís Lair), so these are a focus of the zone. The three locations form a triangle and are rather close to each other, mounted with an epic mount it would take you around 15 seconds to get to the adjacent point. As long as you are flagged for PvP combat (or are on a PvP Server), these capture with the same mechanic as the Eastern Plaguelands towers. A small ui element will appear when you are inside the areas, showing a bar with an indicator of who controls the area. This barís slider will change based on which side has the most alive people inside the controllable point. When all three locations are held by one side, everyone in the zone and inside the respective instances gain a buff that increases the reputation you gain while killing mobs.

    Zangamar Marsh: The marsh is the second zone that most players will progress to at around level 62. The PvP elements in this zone are again located in the center of the zone. These two towers are captured the same way as Hellfireís, whoever has the larger force in the immediate area will start to take control. The difference between the marshís objectives is whichever side controls both towers not only gain a 5% damage buff, but also take control of the graveyard located between the two towers.

    Nagrand: If anyone has ever said WoW has no outdoor PvP, this zone will prove them wrong. The designer of this zone put careful thought and programming into this world PvP element. For everyone who complained on the forums before about a controllable city, this is your chance to shine. Halaa is a city located on an island in the center of the zone, with four rope bridges at each corner connecting it to the mainland. Players will want to fight over this for a few reasons. First, players in the zone on the faction that control the city gain a buff that increases damage done by 5%. Second, there is a pair of NPCs that you can exchange tokens gained by killing people, and dust you gain by slaying mobs in the zone.

    Assaulting this city has been so well designed that even if you donít like Player vs. Player combat, this is something that people will be flocking to. At the mainland end of each rope bridge, there are wyvern posts that you can construct if the other faction controls the city. These wyvern posts when activated place 10 fire bombs in your inventory and mount you on a wyvern that is automatically flown above and around the city like a flight path. These fire bombs can be used and targeting like grenades. They each do 1000 points of fire damage, and place a DoT on the target that burns for 1% of their hit points per second. Now, this may not seem that useful against players, because 1% of even a 10,000 hit point tank is only 100 hp per second. The guards on this island have over 200,000 hit points, so well placed bombs and coordinated strikes can take down this city quickly. After every guard is dead, it is a rush to the center of the town where a flag is located. If every guard is killed they do not respawn so the assaulting team will not have to worry about fighting npcs at this point. The flag is controlled like the PvP objectives in the other zones, standing near it with more people than the other faction will start to shift control to your side. After filling the bar on the ui element for your faction, guards and npcs will respawn and your faction takes control of the city.

    The reason for PvP?

    Buffs and graveyards aside, why would someone want to participate in the world PvP? Other than fighting for the honor of the Horde/Alliance, you always have the Gís: gear, gems, and well, gear. If your character kills another character near the world PvP locations, you receive a mark based on which zone you are in. For Hellfire, these can be turned in at Thrallmar for Horde, and Honor Hold for Alliance. Currently the rewards are: A half-hour increase of 5% additional experience and 15% additional reputation for Thrallmar/Honor Hold, rare gems used for placing into socketed items, and a rare caster and melee ring. In Zangamar Marsh, marks can be turned in for caster and melee trinkets that have a chance to restore mana or health when attacking/casting, weapons, and idol/totem/librams. Nagrandís marks can be turned in while you control Halaa, and you can purchase a belt, pants, and a gem. The stats on these items are heavily PvP focused, and all contain the new resilience rating stat. The gem that you can purchase requires you to amass 400 marks and increases the resilience rating of the item you socket it into.

    All this talk about resilience rating brings us to the next new feature of the expansion, ratings. Every item that previously had any stat that increased your abilities by a percent are now ratings. The reason for this is so they can properly scale the strength of your character while looking towards the future. Dodge, block, melee crit, spell crit, melee hit, spell hit are all among the abilities that were previous percentage abilities, and now are rating.

    The easiest way to think about why they would do a change like this is by looking at two well known trinkets, Eye of the Beast and Blackhandís Breadth. These previously increased your melee and spell critical strike by 2%. Now these increase your melee critical rating and spell critical rating by 28 respectively. This means at level 60 you need 14 critical rating to equal 1% crit. The rating you need to equal 1% crit increases per level.

    Resilience is a new mechanic that was recently introduced into the game. Resilience rating at level 70 reduces your chance to be crit by all sources by 1% for every 40 rating you have, and reduces the damage from critical sources by 1% for every 20 rating. As seen in the leaked arena gear, resilience is a common stat on PvP focused items.

    The Arena

    The Arena is one of the biggest changes that have been announced thus far. Grab a handful of your friends and queue up for a skirmish (practice), or sign up a 2, 3 or 5man team for a 3 month season/ladder. Each roster can hold double the amount of people required for the arena, 5v5 teams can hold 10 people. Everyone who plays at least 30% of rated games for the team split the weekly arena points that the team earns.

    So far only two arenas are open, Blades Edge Arena and Nagrand Arena. Nagrand is a simple layout with 4 pillars at each corner of the open terrain. The developers realized how bland a simple area like this would be, so they added tornadoes that circle the edge of the arena, throwing and damaging whoever comes in contact with it. The Bladeís Edge Arena on the other hand is a lot more complex, containing a bridge and pillars you can jump on top from the center of the bridge. Movement in this arena is key, for there are lots of areas which break line of sight and require melee to jump to reach casters.

    Thatís all I have so far, keep checking back later this week when I talk about the state of PvE in alpha so far.
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    Re: Burning Crusade PvP info

    While I love the sound of all this, I am of the wait and see variety atm. I have always played Saj as a healer, even leveled as Holy/disc, and as such I have found little use for PvP on him as I die in 10 seconds when I join a BG because I get targeted right off the bat.

    While the Arena's sound like a lot of fun, I guess I would have to see what sort of teams we put together, because if I get slaughtered every time I spawn, that isn't fun, and that is what the game is supposed to be.
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      Re: Burning Crusade PvP info

      Ok... WHAT is going to happen to all CURRENT PvP Reputation (silverwing sentinels, League of Arathor, and Stormpike)?

      AND, what is going to happen to everyone's current Rank/Honor??


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        Re: Burning Crusade PvP info

        the rep should stay the same....they might retro active some items and change them but that would be about it. As far as rank goes...there will be the new system in place and i have heard that everyone will get there highest obtained rank back and keep it forever....but we'll see
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          Re: Burning Crusade PvP info

          Okay, 'cause I heard they were starting fresh. We need to make sure of this, 'cause many people are scrappin PvP until BC.


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            Re: Burning Crusade PvP info

            Rep is getting scrapped and the items you could buy with rep are getting added to the PvP lewt pool.

            Everyone current/highest rank will become little more than a fashion statement. You are given the option of adding your title to your name, but that's about it. As for honor? Who cares honestly. You already reset to 0 honor every week so there will be no change there.

            HOWEVER, there will be a new currency to acquire the PvP loot currently in game. As you kill people in world PvP and the current BGs you earn honor. This honor can then be redeemed for loot much like paying gold for the epics now. I'm going to wager you can get 1-5 honor per kill and maybe 25-50 per win. Since the current rank 14 gear shows prices upwards of 3-5k honor this seems about right for the 'hard to acquire, but worth the effort' mentality of Blizzard.
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              Re: Burning Crusade PvP info

              Ok, that clarifies it then. So I was right, currently there is no reason to try to make the grind up the rank system unless ur positive u can make it in time. As well, pointless to go for any rep except AV unless you're close.

              I'm looking fwd to the change. Quite frankly, PvP on a PvE server sux.


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                Re: Burning Crusade PvP info

                Sounds like the beta testing has started.

                Here's some juicy PvP arena footage:

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                  Re: Burning Crusade PvP info

                  Sajier - I took Hilda into AV from level 54+. Yeah you get ganked a lot for healing, but so does any clothie - Fears dots and shields are all awesome in AV, and mages will give you water and buffs after shooting them just a few heals. As a Holy/Disc priest, I have to say AV is still fun, just make sure you are in the middle of a group all the time, as rogues love to hunt the back lines. New reflective shields will really tick them off :)
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                    Re: Burning Crusade PvP info

                    Here is a link to the Non-arna PvP Armor Sets (blue):





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