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  • New World Of Warcrafter

    Wow, I was like "yeah, I'll just try this game for ten days..."

    Nuh uh.

    Anyway I got a level 21 tauren warrior ATM and am just looking for some tips.

    I learned skinning and herbalism.

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    Re: New World Of Warcrafter

    There are some great tips for Warriors in our Tactics forums. We mainly play Alliance, so maybe not much help for the moomen.

    There is a plethora of information all throughout these forums, though finding everything can be difficult.

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      Re: New World Of Warcrafter

      TIPS OK

      Tip #1: Go pvp in front of Ricca she wont hurt ya she just wants to play with ya...

      Tip #2: Reread tip number 1 and memorize it

      Nah man I dont know much about the horde just what there back side looks like..But if you ever want to come to the alliance side and make a rogue then i can give ya some tips.. Good luck
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        Re: New World Of Warcrafter

        Warriors 4 dummies

        Step 1: Find a target
        Step 2: Hit target with pointy/sharp/heavy part of weapon
        Step 3: Repeat Step 2

        Taurens 4 dummies

        Step 1: Moo moo moo, moo moo moo
        Step 2: Moo moo moo moo moo
        Step 3: <to be added later>
        Step 4: Phat lewt
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          Re: New World Of Warcrafter

          1. charge
          2. war stomp
          3. pwn

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            Re: New World Of Warcrafter

            Originally posted by Halten View Post
            1. charge
            2. war stomp
            3. pwn
            Ya know, I never thought of this but a Tauren warrior can basically stunlock an opponent for almost 10 seconds. Charge, Warstop and Concussive Blow ZOMG!
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              Re: New World Of Warcrafter

              And hunt Halten, he likes having cows chase him.
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                Re: New World Of Warcrafter

                Beep and the other warriors have a plethora of useful guides and tips on warriors in the tactics and strategies forum.

                As far as tradeskills:
                Skin everything and pick everything you can to get your skills up asap. Get the mod Gatherer - it will show you everything you've ever picked. Makes it much easier to farm those pesky little flowers.

                What server are you on?
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                  Re: New World Of Warcrafter

                  Moomen lmao.

                  I'm on Gorgonnash.

                  Thanks for the tips.


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                    Re: New World Of Warcrafter

                    Good advice for leveling...

                    I've leveled two up the Arms tree and one up the Fury tree.

                    The Fury tree (Dual Wield) is much easier, IMO.

                    I'd build 31 points in Fury...then start adding some Arms. Toward the end, (55+ as you start to do some instance tanking, you may want to consider respec to add some Protection talents to go with your sword'n'board action, but by then you'll know a whole lot more about your class.

                    Feel free to ask questions or send me a PM anytime!

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