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  • New BC Rating System

    Burning Crusade items will no more contain normal direct statistics like "1% spell crit" or "1% parry". At some point a border would be passed, where items become simply too powerful. Of course weapons and armor for level 70 players have to be more advanced than the current versions. But Blizzard can't create for example a cloth belt with 3% or 4% spell crit rating just to beat the current Naxxramas items. The balancing and the pvp fights would be totally destroyed.

    Therefore Blizzard introduces with Burning Crusade the "rating" system - a kind of brake for your current equipment. Take the Frostfire Robe (T3 mage set) as example. This possesses among other things 1% spell crit and 1% spell hit. In Burning Crusade change those to "14 spell critical rating" and "8 spell hit rating". These values (14 and 8) correspond to their counterparts specified above (1% crit and 1% hit). Now the important point: This valuation refers ONLY to level 60. As soon as you level up (61-70), the conversion sinks and your 14 spell critical rating corresponds no longer to the full 1% crit. As you can see your items will decrease in quality while your leveling up to 70 (the exact conversion factor of level 70 is yet not known).

    Blizzards developers secure this way that they can still design cool items without having to worry too much about balancing and damageoutput. In addition they can tweak the increases much finer (for example 1/2 spell hit chance).

    Here is a table for converting all relevant item characteristics into the new Burning Crusade system:

    Statistic Rating Requirement

    1% Spell Crit
    @ Lvl 60 14 Spell Critical Strike Rating
    @ Lvl 70 22 Spell Critical Strike Rating

    1% Spell Hit
    @ Lvl 60 8 Spell Hit Rating
    @ Lvl 70 13 Spell Hit Rating

    1% Spell Haste
    @ Lvl 60 10 Spell Haste Rating
    @ Lvl 70 16 Spell Haste Rating

    1% Crit
    @ Lvl 60 14 Critical Strike Rating
    @ Lvl 70 22 Critical Strike Rating

    1% Hit
    @ Lvl 60 10 Hit Rating
    @ Lvl 70 16 Hit Rating

    1% Haste
    @ Lvl 60 10 Haste Rating
    @ Lvl 70 16 Haste Rating

    1 Weapon Skill
    @ Lvl 60 2.5 Weapon Skill Rating
    @ Lvl 70 4.0 Weapon Skill Rating

    1 Defense Skill
    @ Lvl 60 1.5 Defense Rating
    @ Lvl 70 n/a

    1% Dodge
    @ Lvl 60 12 Dodge Rating
    @ Lvl 70 n/a

    1% Parry
    20 Parry Rating
    @ Lvl 70 n/a

    1% Block Chance
    @ Lvl 60 5 Block Rating
    @ Lvl 70 n/a
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    Re: New BC Rating System

    Kind of funny that the gear actually gets worse as you level past 60... oh well, its the tradeoff you get for new content.
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