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  • Broodlord Strategy

    Sorry this is late in coming, but I figure I'll lay our the Broodlord strat Manny and I prepare to use. First, his most relevant abilities:

    Blast Wave: A fire-based 360-degree AOE knockback that does about 3000 fire damage.

    Knockaway: A single-target knockback done to whomever is on top of his aggro list. Cuts aggro level in half.

    Mortal Strike: Just like what our arms warriors do, except it can crit for upwards of 9k on plate. Reduces healing taken by 50%. Ouch.

    First, warriors need to be wearing full tanking gear. No fire resist is needed for the warriors. Rogues will only be taking fire damage, so they will want to be wearing their FR gear. No other classes should wear fire resist.

    After traversing the Suppression Rooms, the Broodlord is pulled into the right corner. The raid group moves their backs to the wall to the right of the gate. When the Broodlord is pulled, he often does a Blast Wave which may knock some people into whelps. Handle them and fear not.

    Warriors fight for aggro with their back in the corner facing the gate. After aggro is secured on 3 to 4 warriors, damage begins. Heavy damage is key in this fight. Since aggro is consistently reduced, we have to kill him before the tanks can't get back on top. His melee damage is severe, so most healing love will have to be given to the current tank. Keep two paladins or druids in reserve to keep the other warriors topped off, and dedicate a healer to keeping the rogues alive. Rogues can bandage out of a few blast waves, since it is not a frequent maneuver, so they won't be needing tons of attention. It is critical to keep the tank alive.

    The current tank will need 2 priests and a paladin giving him full attention. A third priest should be held in reserve to take over when one of the MT healers goes OOM. Judgement of Wisdom is critical. Whenever aggro swaps, then the MT healers need to adjust to the current tank, and the OT healers need to add the previous tank to their rotation.

    When the Broodlord Mortal Strikes the tank, a priest NEEDS to get a shield on that tank IMMEDIATELY. If a Blast Wave follows a mortal strike, usually the tank is dead. Tanks can also shield wall to help fight off the healing nerf debuff.

    Damage hard and heavy, and make sure that the damage classes watch their aggro. If ANY ranged DPS pulls hate, it will be a wipe.

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    Re: Broodlord Strategy

    There are banners on the roof, at the right side, no one should move further until RL says so, that is the aggro limit.

    Once we all run, always hugging the right side to avoid pulling more little dragons than it is automatically pulled; mages should immediately AoE them all.

    If done properly, there won’t be little dragon respawns to bother us.

    All warriors should be with a Soulstone on and the tank rotation should be announced as soon as one dies and/or other gets the aggro.

    If you are a warrior and die, wait until you can pop up the SS "safely" the blast waves are announced in the ctraid mod.

    My 2c.


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      Re: Broodlord Strategy

      Super easy fight.
      I smell a one shot. lets get it done tonight guys :D

      I'm planning on respeccing to Irritation pretty soon. Granted, I'll lose the burst DPS from Pissing People Off Outright, but I'll get DoT's and higher damage through AoE's.


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        Re: Broodlord Strategy

        If a dpser is paying attention when they pull aggro it's not an automatic wipe. They just have to run back to the tanks corner to let them pick it back up (of course said dps will probably die in the process). : P. Also if EVERYONE in the raid has threat meter and dps can run in and take his knock back if they are in threat of out aggroing the tanks. Just a thought cause that will probably have to be done til everyone has full understanding of the fight.
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          Re: Broodlord Strategy

          Alava, shh. What you say is true, but how am I supposed to scare the children?


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            Re: Broodlord Strategy

            Mortal Strike: Just like what our arms warriors do, except it can crit for upwards of 9k on plate. Reduces healing taken by 50%. Ouch.

            See? MS pawns

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              Re: Broodlord Strategy

              Ok, was talking with a friend from PoA.

              He said to help with the casters aggro...mainly mages to minimize aggro gain.......they should wand till broodlord gets to 75% then use middle ranked spells until he reaches 50% then wand till he gets to 20% when you hit him with everything you have.

              RLs...any thoughts?

              Might be a way to keep our mages from jumping on the aggro list and maintain constant damage.
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