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  • Taking some time off

    Hi all,

    I wanted to let you know all know that I've decided I'm going to be taking some time off from the World of Warcraft. I've been going pretty much non-stop since December of 2004 and have well over 150 days played between all of my toons on 3 different servers. As I reflect on this, I have to wonder what the hell I've been doing with my life! :)

    I think my current frustration over BWL is a good indicator that I've become too close and too enamored with a game. My wife's been telling me this for a year! Chastising people in this forum because they don't want to dedicate the same time to a game that you do is absurd and I apologize. You're all great people and you deserve better. Over the past few months the game has started to become a whole lot less fun. The time that Blizz demands for advancement is simply too steep for me anymore. When the game stops being fun, it's time to stop playing. I think that in the best interest of my mental health I need to step back for a while. I want to let you know that I've really enjoyed questing, raiding and grinding with all of you. I may pop in for a dungeon run here or there but my days as a "raider" are over.

    As always, stay safe and be well.

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    Re: Taking some time off

    Bear, we've had numerous conversations on this so I completely understand where you are coming from. Sometimes a bit of time may be what's needed. Maybe when Blizz finally gets BC in order the time demands won't be as great. I'm sure I'll see you around in game :).
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      Re: Taking some time off

      I've put most of my thoughts in a PM....

      I'll miss you, but I fully support your call to do what you need to do.

      We'll keep a candle in the window for you!:)

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        Re: Taking some time off

        Good luck Bear hope to see ya back soon.

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          Re: Taking some time off

          AW.... ill stop calling you snuggles....
          jk... i honor your choice... u talk about how steep the slope of advancement is in this game... even steeper is the slope between having fun.. and getting burnt out/ground into the ground

          PS: you broke my 1337 postcount
          PPS: tell me if the sun still rises in the east and sets in the west...
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            Re: Taking some time off

            sorry to hear that bear but i know you will be back !!!
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              Re: Taking some time off

              Ok, I've written and rewritten responses to this thread like 5 times now... I give up. Bear, I'll just send u a PM lol




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