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BWL current Issues: Please all read!

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  • BWL current Issues: Please all read!

    Guys I know I'm not a guildy just yet (though I'm workin' on it ^_^), but I do agree and disagree on some points made. I've seen ALOT of good players here in TG which is why I've turned down some pretty competative guilds that have BWL on farm and Naxx partway conqured. By good, I mean in both their friendly interactions with the players, and the HOT LeEt skills displayed through teamwork! I KNOW TG can do this with every fiber of my being while still having fun in the highest level of challenges! ... If I thought otherwise at any moment, I'd revoke my application instantly. After about 4-5 months of posting it, it's still there. <3

    Argument 1: Undergeard

    Yes some people honestly do belive that they are undergeard from what I've seen in every guild I've ever been in and from some of the peeps I've been raiding with currently. Well, take a good look at what I've got on me sometime (about 4-5 epics 2 of which are tier 1, and the rest are blues). I've worked a long while to get just what I do have and have always made it work! I go into these (as a mage granted) with about 29-35 FR unbuffed into both MC and BWL. With carefull aiming, button mashing, and some skill, I have been just >>> FINE <<< in these places(little to no deaths, most being complete raid whipes). Please don't be afraid to come to MC or BWL.. BWL especialy if you think you don't have a massive enough Fire Resist pool! Yes FR helps.. it realy does.. but alot of the time it comes right down to trying your best in a new place, learning from your mistakes, and moving on/ going right back to it!!
    (Please send me a tell in game if you would like some FR questions answerd! I do best with cloth/caster classes though I do have a fair knowledge of FR strategie with melee)

    Argument 2: We're not raiding on good days/times for me.

    Ok alot of the time this is very very very true for peeps. Especialy me. I have a sick grandmother with severe asthma (smoking scince her 20's >.<) and I try my very hardes to help her out. Some nights it's not possible for me to come on to raid even when I very badly want to!
    For me personaly my best day to raid is Friday/Satuday nights and some days during the week (depending on dear grandmother's health).
    I realy like the idea of doing a MC run during the weekday! Like say Wednesday nights? 7:00pm server to our regular times :D We'll have to start a new thread on this idea-r here ;)

    Argument 3: People are just not signing up or showing up at all.

    This I agree is quite anoying for trying to get better at these harder instances. I have to admit that I have seen quite a few people (outside this guild, I don't know all of the beautifull TG peeps yet ;P) prefere not to go to MC or BWL at all untill the guild has both practicaly on farm so they can be " held by the hand" all the way through with putting minimal effort into it.
    Officers: a small segjustion perhaps? Start asking why these people have not shown up. Make sure they give a significant answer and not just a "I had other things I needed to do" . If it was family? cool beans , can deff be understood. Medical? By all means. GF? well make sure next time they can at least warn ahead of time? Case in point; Lets find out who is just ridding in here untill we master the instance so they can suck the phat loots out, and who is realy here for the fun/challenge of just being able to accomplish these places (BWL / MC / Future Naxx)! I'm sure many of us can agree on this, or something similar does need to be done.
    It's also tru people need to have a life XD .. sigh yes it's true Halten... *hands runecloth hinkerchief over*. But if you have such plans please please say so in the raid register or send a quick in game mail to an officer (such as Lunatg, Arkamis, Manethran, Chair, Beep) or heck even myself if you must so that I can at least pass on the message :) This way we can plan on having someone else fill the spot ahead of time. (try to do so at least a few hours - 1 day ahead of time ;)

    Argument 4: People are spending way to much time chattering in TS and raid chat rather than getting ready for the next fight.

    Zomg I love the inbetween chat! It's one of TG's biggest perks!!!!!! (props to luna for the Chicken tesical lessons O_o). However, I can see how a little to much time is being spent chattering (like 15 minutes of nothing but chatter while trying to get ready for next boss). Guys I love the chatter and don't ever stop O_O this is my warning.. dont' stop it completely... ever o-o. HOWEVER... if we could limit it just a tad? XD to say perhaps like .. 5 min even between boss fights:P ? Say your goofy thang , chuckle/cackle (in my case >:), untill you bleed and keep moving to own the next boss so we can giggle over something new again :P

    As I'm sure there is more I'm missing, I don't want to make this post to long just yet to the point where peeps don't wanna read down this far! Guys I know we can do BWL! TG has the skill and the people willing. We just need to find these people and personaly work with the peeps who can't do the bigger raids regularly (or are somewhat afraid of the bigger raids)
    (please if further questions or clarifications need be made send me a whisper in game or E-mail me at [email protected] ;)

    PS> CONGRATS for actualy reading down this far! your get a Kirby Hug!!!!!!!!!!!!

    <('-')> *huge hug*


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    Re: BWL current Issues: Please all read!

    ... channelling my inner Christopher Walken (via Manny's Avatar)...

    What we need is more Kirby, er, cowbell.

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