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BWL and having fun :)

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  • BWL and having fun :)

    I thought a bit about this today---BWL and participation. I think the raid leaders spend time and a lot of planning in trying to assure success in this area. I was there for the first successful time and it was thrilling.
    Possibly when a planned raid goes and has finished there attempts, you could have a couple of attempts with a substitution raid. ie. leaders (or volunteers) could hang around and let the atuned aternates come and get some experience----it is fun to die :)

    This would have 2 effects
    1 People would get experience which frankly is very different than reading about it and they would likely be frightened enough to follow the directions the RL is giving --wink wink.
    2. Those who are not really geared enough should be hungry to get geared and return. In fact, it might help people honestly share where they are in FR quests and those folks would have a chance to cooperate.

    I helped guildees this weekend who were doing some of these---advertizing in LFG and never said anything much in guild chat---i guess thinking peeps were busy.

    Just a thought ---thinking of ways to increase the pool of people able and trained.

    Let's just smile and kill some stuff :)


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    Re: BWL and having fun :)

    Yeah, I'm REALLY sick of the crap BWL has caused for us. Its not our skill thats gimped our progress, its our attitudes. Sometimes those attitudes get so bad to the point where I don't even want to raid anymore. I've been feeling that way alot lately, and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

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      Re: BWL and having fun :)

      I have been debating about this myself, Halten. Raiding BWL is no fun with all the attitudes but I think it is a direct effect of not succeeding and not progressing. I try to keep a positive attitude but lately it has been difficult. I love the new experiences and sharing them with all of you. Unfortunately, BWL is not fun anymore. I mean, we go in there with an unbalanced group and it has been very frustrating.

      I am taking a step back from BWL raiding because when I have to wait for an hour to fill the raid, I am not on my "A" game. I am too frustrated and this only makes me not want to raid so I think a break from BWL raiding for a little bit might help.

      Also, Junebugg, I like the positive post and the constructive suggestion but the points you layed out:
      1. We have difficulty filling the raid as it is. Trying to look for volunteers that are geared and experienced enough will be hard.
      2. Having undergeared and inexperienced people would only lead to more frustration.

      Maybe what we could do to get these guildies the experience is to start giving them a bigger role in MC? As it stands now, we only tend to delay progress by taking guildies through MC on easy mode. I'm all for getting people geared but we are robbing them to an extent of how to handle their class and the experience needed for a complex instance like BWL.

      Just my two cents.

      And now for the fun part, how about some nekkid gnome racing for some mindless fun? Or a modified version….a nekkid gnome relay race? :P
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        Re: BWL and having fun :)

        Thanks for posting this June, believe it or not, you actually beat me to making this post.

        I've been ranting and raving in the other posts about what's holding us back in Blackwing, I've been quick to point fingers at the bad attitudes and the absenteeism, And, i guess it's entirely possible that some people don't like being ranted and raved at. So I'll take full responsibility for low signups in BWL last weekend, On one condition....

        Can I PLEASE, (please times three billion with cherries and sugar and what have you on top) Ask anybody who's able to sign up for this weekends BWL?

        I'm 100% certain that if we get a full raid, and go in there smiling and happy, We can come out of there with new bosses killed.

        If you don't have fun, then I'll never ask you to come again. :D sound like a deal?

        I'm planning on respeccing to Irritation pretty soon. Granted, I'll lose the burst DPS from Pissing People Off Outright, but I'll get DoT's and higher damage through AoE's.


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          Re: BWL and having fun :)

          The very first raid I did with TG was in BWL. We as a team were able to get to 3rd Boss (Broodlord) 23%. Give it time, it will come once again. There is always going to be weekends were key members will be busy in RL. Maybe that is time to schedule another instance till the core players can attend. I would not let this discourage anyone. What I have seen so far, TG has plenty good players to master BWL and beyond.
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