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A few words from an old friend during tough times...

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  • A few words from an old friend during tough times...

    (Disclaimer: first off I want to apologize for its length and spelling, but I hope by the end you will find value in what I have read.)

    Over a year ago, myself and a few friends, leveled to 60 and were faced with the ultimate task of what to do now. In a game where the possibilities at 60 are endless and the adventure really just begins. from the long search for resist gear, to the faction grinds that seem to multiply every patch. The biggest questions was do we all apply to an established endgame guild, go separate ways and quickly see the content? Or the road less traveled, which was to stick together as a team and try and build a force of our own, with the friends we already had.

    We chose the long road, the hard way, from recruiting to helping friends level our circle of friends widened, and eventually we showed some progress, eventually we could start running a few bosses in ZG, to a regular midnight ZG crew, but never without the help of some good friends, including a few from TG.

    Now I know this is kind of a long introduction and most ppl could really care less about how our guild came to grow, a I certainty do not want this to be a post about my guild......but there is a point, and after a conversation with Ricca, I thought it might be of some help if I shared.

    The only reason we are still together today, is cause at its heart we are still mostly the same group of friends, and have stuck together through thick and thin. That is just it, sticking together is hard to do, it is hard to see others run off and get gear quick, but I promise you, there is no greater happiness in game then downing a boss for the first time with the ppl you care about. For me watching my best friends get an epic, is sometimes more fun the winning an item myself.

    The reason I thought I would share this with you, is because at its heart, our guilds have similar dynamics. Some players are very hard core, some players are casual, and your guild represents the soccer mom to the student to the working professional. And from what I am told, some of you are even real life friends. That is a very special thing, and more important that is something you should celebrate. Often times I remind my guild that raiding times needs to be viewed like going to the bar at the end of the day.... a Cyber "Cheers", where everyone knows your name. Raiding should be fun, it’s not a job, it’s like a darts or pool. Now like any good sport, level of competitiveness is always a factor.

    ~~Current WoW Dynamics~~
    Right now a lot of things are going on in and out of game that is having a negative effect on a lot of guilds...... First off know that every guild is struggling with these issues, so do not feel like you are alone. This time of year is very bad for many guilds, because Real life tends to over shadow the game, and not everyone has perspective on that.

    First off is School...... School issues always start to creep in as early as September, but the pinch is mostly felt in Oct/Nov. As projects arise, grades slip Midterms and finals; pull people's attention away from game as the focus on their more important issue, education. we offten forget that in different regions and other parts of the country, schools are on unique cycles, from quarters to semesters, to trimesters, you can expect there to be a lengthy stretch of absentee. As one player finishes finals another will begin

    Second is Work...... Work Cycles and trends always hit in the fall. As I write this to you now I am in a Hotel in Kansas waiting for the airlines to deliver my lost luggage so I can log in and play for an hour. I have missed my own guilds raid again. Every industry is different, but for most jobs the summer is a slower time, kids are off and business trends tend to slack to allow time for family vacation, and the ever important WOW! Right now this time of year is hard for ppl with sales meeting keeping ppl on the road more (like me, I help produce them) to companies scrambling to make year end projections and pad the bottom line.

    Third is Family..... Family time can change drastically during the fall, from sick kids to parents helping with projects and finals, to football practice to the Friday night or Saturday game. Not to mention Halloween and thanksgiving which is approaching very rapid.

    Real life will always impact your in game play, the important thing is to know that it is normal, and happens every year during the fall and parts of the spring. The important thing is what you do about it.

    There are 3 things you need to do this time of year.
    1. Stick together
    2. Stick together
    And lastly……most importantly…….as well as the only real and obvious choice…..

    Many ppl tend to loose moral, start to look for other guilds and it becomes a very dangerous time for a guilds survival. The competitive nature of the game will drive some to loose faith and look for greener pastures. All I can say is this, it is temporary, the grass in not greener on the other side and in a short time will go back to normal, but it is really important for you to not loose site of what makes you such a great guild in the first place. And that is the fact you guys play as a family. It is tough for the competitive players in the guild to miss a week of MC or progress in BWL, feelings of being stuck can creep in, I know. But you have to stay focused on the fact you got to where you are today with the people you know and love. What most people forget is that the fact that you have played as a team for so long, is one of the keys to any guilds success. Cohesion on raids will in most cases allow you to conquer obstacles that most guilds in better gear find tough. Cohesion is the key to progression, getting into a new guild only force you to relearn another’s style of play, and more important the game looses that specialness of being a group of close knit friends.

    I will admit, I can say some dorky things to my guild sometimes in an effort to encourage them, and the following is just one of those super dorky things, but one guildmate liked it so much she used it as the close to our nef video posted on youtube…… so I will share with you these words, and I hope when you get done laughing at me, you will realize the simple truth to them……

    “The 2 Greatest Epics in game are a positive attitude and friendship, with those 2 equipped, you can down anything. Everything else is just ones and zeros”

    You need to know that your officers and guild leader love you guys, consider you family, and for them part of that joy they get for their $15 a month is logging in everyday is to play this game with you. And that should count for something.

    In the meantime there are other solutions to raiding you can explore as a guild, from running a few joint runs with friendly guilds, to relaxing loot/DKP to encourage non guild mates to join you, to simply finding some casual activities like group grinding in silithus or a nekkid gnome race (which was really fun)……. But what ever you do, do it together.

    Bottom line is you need to know you are not alone, but more important, the strong will survive this, only to become a better guild.

    From those many long midnight ZG’s that would not have happened if not for our friends from TG that would so generously lend a hand, our guild would not be where it is today. We do not forget our debt……… if there is anything that me or the officers or my players can do to lend a hand, we are at your service.

    We wish you the Best and may you soon get back to the business of killing dragons

    Yours truly,
    Kobihunt and all the Knights Who say Ni

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    Re: A few words from an old friend during tough times...

    :D thanks for the insight Kobi.
    I'm pretty sure if there's one thing that TG can do, it's stick together.

    I'm planning on respeccing to Irritation pretty soon. Granted, I'll lose the burst DPS from Pissing People Off Outright, but I'll get DoT's and higher damage through AoE's.


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      Re: A few words from an old friend during tough times...

      Thanks Kobi and I rememeber those long red eye raids and those were so much fun..But You are right as long as we stick together we can accomplish anything..Thanks again for the encouraging words..
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        Re: A few words from an old friend during tough times...



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          Re: A few words from an old friend during tough times...

          well said. /agree
          FOR THE DICKENS!!!


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            Re: A few words from an old friend during tough times...

            Nice post Kobi, puts it all in perspective. What I have been seeing, is pretty much what Kobi just summarized.

            Alot of guilds are going through growing pains, lost interest in raiding this time of year. Lets not get our hopes up waiting for BC, lets stick together and work on the content that is here now. Might not be as fast as some would like, but doing it together would be so much better than starting over.
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              Re: A few words from an old friend during tough times...

              Thank you for your wise insights, Kobi- we really appreciate your encouragement.


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                Re: A few words from an old friend during tough times...

                Whew! It's nice to hear that it's not just a TG issue, though we still have to address what's going on.

                Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and insights.

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                  Re: A few words from an old friend during tough times...

                  I appreciate Kobi's post and these are things many of have talked about in guild chat. When the Crimson broke up as a guild I had friends that went to Knights, Blades of honor, Destined and TG. I have friends that are now Resilience as Oath went poof. I think the dynamics of tension are similar in all these guilds for sure, partly created by school, work issues as so skillfully described above and partly by the game design. (I sometimes wonder if we aren't the subject in a grand social experiment) hehe
                  I am shy to post here as I still feel as though i am visiting, but I think as in family it is most succesful to be patient with each other and refrain from saying things that you have a hard time taking back. (kindness/respect)
                  In the days before Crimson broke up I felt geniune grief, considered not playing etc. I rode around in feralas thinking maybe I should retire June there and take a break. Someone ask me to help with a tribute run a DM and other the next few days, I just went back and ran the stuff a REALLY liked---surprise-- I remembered just how much I enjoyed this game.
                  Since coming here (I had guest raided several times before my guild desolved) I think the leaders are careful, thoughtful about goals and meeting the needs of the most people possible. Members with rare exception are decent and cooperative with each other. I have also witnessed when there was friction, i also often witnessed an apology.
                  There is room here for everyone to spend the next 3 months (waiting)doing the parts of this great game that they enjoy---the thrill of the being there.
                  Dying is fun too. :)



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                    Re: A few words from an old friend during tough times...

                    Thanks for taking the time to send us such a postitive post!
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                      Re: A few words from an old friend during tough times...

                      Thanks for the positive post!

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