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Far too much Warlock love -.-

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  • Far too much Warlock love -.-

    More BC news.

    Dreani get Fear Ward as one of their priest racial spells. Horde are whining.

    Blood elves get Consume Magic as one of their priest racial spells. Alliance is laughing. (dispells one buff for up to 400 mana at level 70)

    Warlocks get an ability change to 'conjure spellstone'. The spell stone is equiped in the wand slot to give extra spell critical rating. Starts at 8 and goes up to +20 spell crit at level 66. The stone can be used every 3 minutes while equiped to dispell all magic debuffs.

    And yes, you can switch out the spellstone for a wand when you need to wand stuff since the wand is a weapon.
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    Re: Far too much Warlock love -.-

    Nothin better than Warlock lovin!

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