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Broodlord 1shotted sunday

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  • Broodlord 1shotted sunday

    i had to ninja the posting of this... totally stoaked... 3 died whole fight... great job tanking.. great job healing.. great job damaging (and not damaging).. great job listening.. great job leading (sajier)
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    Re: Broodlord 1shotted sunday

    Huge congrats to everyone!

    I just want to thank everyone for being on the ball last night and working hard. I know I haven't lead many raids with TG, so I appreciate everyone's efforts and patience. We couldn't have done it so smoothly without everyone doing their jobs perfectly, tanks, healers, DPS, casters, rogues, everyone was on top of their games. You guys all rock :)
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      Re: Broodlord 1shotted sunday

      Gratz to everyone for the success in BWL all weekend!
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        Re: Broodlord 1shotted sunday

        Yeah Guys. Great job last night. Sajier did a totally boss job. (couldn't have done better myself!)
        We'll kill Firemaw next week! and Ebonroc, and Flamegor, and Chromaggus...

        I'm planning on respeccing to Irritation pretty soon. Granted, I'll lose the burst DPS from Pissing People Off Outright, but I'll get DoT's and higher damage through AoE's.


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          Re: Broodlord 1shotted sunday

          Thanks to you Sajier for a good lead on Broodlord. You were really on the ball calling damage levels and such. /salute
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            Re: Broodlord 1shotted sunday

            Yeah, Sajier, awesome work. I always find that when the RL sort of holds the hand of the raid group by calling out what needs to be done, it really makes things go smoothly. When you called out "X tank has mortal strike; bubble", or "X is tanking now", etc, it puts everyone on the same page and allows everyone to know exactly what they need to be doing at any given point in time.

            Some may think that it's unnecessary or creates too much noise on comms, but I think this is exactly what comms are for. Ideally we'd all know exactly what needs to be done without having to be told, but obviously that doesn't always happen.

            I remember on our first Domo killing, a few members from another guild came in to help, and one of them led. He took that strategy of giving clear directions over comms at every critical point, and it was a super-smooth kill.

            So yeah, great work, and if you keep with that leading strategy, I think we'll continue to succeed at a fast pace.


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              Re: Broodlord 1shotted sunday

              It was a great guild first and I am so totally pumped up! Thanks for the great leadership and team effort.

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                Re: Broodlord 1shotted sunday

                Grats everyone, see we can work through this, and one day look back and say. It was not so bad, now was it..... hehe.

                Yeah calling out on comms is excellent way to keep everyone on same page.
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