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  • BWL Raid strategies

    Here is a link I have had for while now, explaining all the strategies for each boss in BWL. I realize some of the RL's my have experience with the bosses in BWL. This is for others that have not had such encounters including myself.

    It is good idea for everyone to take a look, that way when the RL is explaining the fight, you will have a picture to go along with it. There is a nice layout with pics explaining each fight.

    I am not saying there is a wrong strategy or a right one, but least this will give everyone an idea what to except.

    I did see video on youtube showing all boss encounters, which is good to check out. I don't have link but will look for it when I have time.

    Opps, I realized this my be in the wrong forum. Can someone delete this thread, I copied and pasted into Saijer's thread.
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    Re: BWL Raid strategies

    Lep, we are currently working to document all of our current and future strats into a single thread in the Tactics and Strategy Forum for people to read and understand before we ever get to the fights, or for new people who haven't seen the fights before.

    These are good reading, but we may have slight twists on them so we want people to make sure they follow that thread's strats (which will be changed as we progress and adjust them) as they will be what we use usually.

    In addition, please don't post in that thread, it is going to only contain our individual guild strats, and it will include pics (I am working on all of it :)) it is just going to take a bit of time to have everything we need in there.
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      Re: BWL Raid strategies

      Its all good Saj It wont be nothing for Luna or Orion to move it to the other thread..
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