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  • KTM quick fix

    Ok I finally got through to KTM's page on Curse... Hoorah!

    Seems the errror KTM was throwing for me over and over along with its gui locking when it hits a certain amount of damage are to do with having the 'abbreviated values' feature turned on. I haven't tested turning this off yet but I will when I get on later.

    Might try editing the darn thing with the fix mentioned below and see if it works.

    What one poster on Curse said:
    zorched comments:
    12/08/06 @ 7:31 AM +1900

    When you have abbreviated values turned on, you have the threat number displayed, and someone in the group gets at least 10000 threat, the following error message pops up incessantly:

    KLHThreatMeter\Code\GUI\KTM_Gui.lua:623: attempt to call field 'mod' (a nil value)

    To fix this, change math.mod on line 623 to math.fmod.
    Couple more fixes posted there:

    Jaerin comments:
    12/08/06 @ 7:41 AM +1900

    Here you go the fix for cower rank 4. Tested the threat 3-4 times...
    ["cower"] =
    class = "druid",
    rage = 0,
    ["4"] = { threat = -800 },
    ["3"] = { threat = -600 },
    ["2"] = { threat = -390 },
    ["1"] = { threat = -240 },
    Pericles comments:
    12/08/06 @ 5:54 AM +1900

    In version 18.8 :

    KLHThreatMeter\Code\KTM_NetIn.lua(289): for x in pairs(string.gfind(message, "[^ ]+")) do

    string.gfind no longer works I believe it should be changed to string.gmatch.

    I've manually edited 18.8 and made these changes myself. I guess I'll find out if they work soon enough. ;)
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