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    Originally posted by Averinn
    Edit - I'd like to make it clear that these are not ALL the known issues for 2.0.1. These are some of the most commonly reported issues for patch 2.0.1 to this point in an effort to reduce the duplicate reports on this forum. -Averinn

    - The patch notes released were not entirely correct for 2.0.1. You can find them below:

    - Forum avatars do not match your in-game character.
    - The tooltip color for an enchanted item is displaying incorrectly.
    - Elemental Templars aren't able to be summoned in Silithus unless the player logs out and logs back in.
    - The Kodo mount is missing an idle spacebar animation.
    - In-game mouse speed isn't consistent with the desktop speed on a Mac.
    - The self-cast hotkeys aren't able to bind to Alt - (dash).
    - Certain throwing weapons in are being consumed when used as a throwing weapon.
    - The proc on the Ravager is not functioning properly.
    - The zoom feature for Far-sight, Eagle Eye, and Far Sight is missing.
    - In the PVP window, Today's Estimate Honor points doesn't show any information.

    - It is possible to fear players through random walls in the Arena.
    - The mouse-over for the Healing Done column of the BG scoreboard says 'Damage Done'.
    - Joining a battleground queue for a specific instance of that battleground puts you in the first available queue.
    - Players can be put in Arena groups with players of the opposite faction.

    - Mangled stacked is reducing bleed effects beyond their base damage after they wear off.
    - Talenting Mangle, while dead, does not properly teach the ability.

    - The troll tame beast quest cannot be completed unless the taming rod is equipped.
    - Silencing Shot does not activate Auto-Shot after using the ability.
    - The pet UI bar is appearing on screen, despite the pet not being resurrected with the - Hunter while in a battleground.
    - Readiness isn't resetting the cooldown on Wyvern Sting and Flare.
    - Hunter serpent pet animations are not correctly animating at long range.
    - Casting Revive Pet while having an active hunter pet will immediately dismiss the pet.

    - Blazing Speed does not always remove movement impairing effects.
    - The Mage Water Elemental won't attack if rapidly set on passive mode.
    - If a Water Elemental targeting reticule is active when the Elemental despawns, the - Mage will be unable to cast any other spells.
    - Ice Block does not protect against Avengers Shield.
    - The Mage fire talent Critical Mass is not updating the character sheet UI.

    - Holy Guidance is increasing multiple types of damage.

    - Certain spells do not consume Inner Focus.

    - The Rogue talent, Adrenaline Rush is creating a large shadow on the ground when cast.

    - Lightning Shield can proc without the Shaman being hit.

    - Damage from environmental damage will cause Warlock's Nether Protection to proc.
    - Soul Shards are being consumed while inside an Arena.
    - Drain Soul is not creating Soul Shards when used to kill players in the Arena.
    - Warlock Felguard is using the Sucubus voice.
    - The Warlock Pet Spells: Tainted Blood Rank 4 and Rank 5 do not overwrite the first three ranks of the spell.

    - Warriors can be disarmed, despite placing talent points in the Arms talent "Weapon Mastery".
    Additional Bugs:

    Kilfran will no longer recieve 'entropic sting' when hit with scorpid sting. This is due to a skill check error that prevents hunters from using scorpid sting 1 instead of scorpid sting 4 to save mana. Of course now we no longer have scorpid sting 4, but its still not letting us use scorpid sting 1.

    Pet bars will be disabled/invisible if you summon your pet in combat. This includes priest Mind control, warlock pets, and mage water elementals. The pet bar will persist is you summon before combat, but will not work during combat. This is a conflict with the coding that disallows UI changes during combat settings.

    Hunters will do a 'fish flop' if they recieve a partial resist with FD. The issue is they will fall down and then stand up again only to fall down repeatedly if one or more mobs resist FD. This is problematic because aggro will start to become bouncy since the mob will detarget/retarget the hunter repeatedly until intervention is made. This issue will also cause an error with a Warrior's taunt since taunting a mob attacking a character at 0 aggro will bump the warrior down to 0 aggro and push everyone else ahead of them.

    Hunters now twitch if their target it out of LoS. They will do their priming animation and repeat it until autoshot is canceled. Pretty amusing to watch really.

    Vanilla UI Target of Target will become lost when the target exceeds the old limitation on debuffs and/or become momentarily crowd controled (rogue blind, hunter scattershot, mage dragonbreath stun, etc). Deselecting then reselecting has been know to 'fix' this issue with limited results.

    Priest Holy Fire does not has a spell animation. Inivisible stealth damage FTW.

    Priests investing talents in Holy Specialization will see an error with their spell crit. In the default UI spell breakdown they will recieve 1% in each school instead of 5% in holy with 5/5 talents. Unconfirmed if this is a talent problem or a display issue.

    Shamans who had 2 handed weapons equiped or soulbound to them at the time of the patch had their weapons deleted automatically for 'weapon hacking'. This is an issue with the talent respec removing the required talents for 2 handed weapon usage and thus counting all equiped and used 2 handed weapons as improper. Contact a GM to get in touch with a Character Specialist, aproximate time to resolution is 2-3 weeks due to the number of issues.

    Anyone else find anything interesting?
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    Re: Bugs Bugs Everywhere!

    "Contact a GM to get in touch with a Character Specialist, aproximate time to resolution is 2-3 weeks due to the number of issues".

    This is simply unbelievable. I hope there weren't a lot of people out there that depended on their Epic 2h'ers as their only weapon.
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      Re: Bugs Bugs Everywhere!

      - The Rogue talent, Adrenaline Rush is creating a large shadow on the ground when cast.
      OMG I knew it! That explains ... uhhh .... nothing.




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