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    You may have heard several of our guildies speaking of the Grid Addon when went through the patching process this time around. Grid is an addon that allows the user to see alot of data in a small field. each player in the party/raid is given a box and the box has different identifiers that trigger when something happens (ie: aggro, health deficit, out of mana, lacking a buff, out of range, certain buff present, or dispellable debuff well as many more).

    Once installed, the button for Grid is either on the minimap or it can be found on FuBar if you have that installed. Click that button to open the menu and you'll find 3 main options: Frames, Layout, and Status.

    Frames: (Where do you want the identifiers to show?)

    Layout: (What spacing, anchoring, group layout, and scaling do you want?)

    Status: (How should the identifiers act? What colors and thresholds?)

    In the above picture, the let most section is the main menu, with "Frames" selected. The middle popup is the Frames, and the far right popup is a list of statuses that are attached to that frame. So, a Death Warning, Health Deficit, and Unit Name will show in the Center Name text. For example, the Center text will show the Unit's name by default, then after they drop below the health threshold of 80%, their health deficit will show (1.3k for 1,300) and then, once they die, their Center text will display "Dead".

    This picture shows the user sorting the grid by "Group 40" or a 40 man group. Notice that it can also be sorted by class, or by Onyxia. Onyxia is literally Odds/Evens and can be used for the Shazzrah fight as well.

    This is a handy macro for switching between your two most common group setups (for me it's "Group 40" and "Class"):
    /run local l1,l2,g,p="By Class","By Group 40"; g=GridLayout;p=g.db.profile;p.layout = p.layout == l1 and l2 or l1;if not InCombatLockdown() then g:ReloadLayout();ChatFrame1:AddMessage("GridLayout: "..p.layout);else Grid.rosterNeedsUpdate=true end

    This picture shows the basic 40 man setup. Notice that incoming heals are noted by a green square in the lower left of a unit's box, while rejuvs or renews are found in the lower right. Aggro is a red square in the upper left and Power Word: Shield is seen in the upper right by a yellow/white square. I like to have a border on the box showing a player out of mana, or lacking a certain buff (Mark of the Wild on my druid). I also have it to only show the warriors that are lacking thorns buff so that I am reminded to hit them as often as possible.

    There are several "plugins" that are developed for this which basically add more indicators and places for those indicators to go (frames). See Below.

    Some ocumentation can be found at



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