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  • Looking for something interesting to read while in the queue?

    Last night, I mentioned to a guildmate that I thought of them while reading a thread on our forums about the war in Iraq. Their response was "I've never seen threads like that on the forums". Have YOU seen threads like this here at TG? No? Well then, do I have a surprise for you!

    We have mentioned many times that TG expands way beyond World of Warcraft and in the past have directed people outside of our little corner here and into the big, wide world of Tactical Gamer. It's time to do that again, to give you guys the opportunity to explore all TG has to offer!

    Take a moment and look up at the top navigation bar of this page. You'll see home, games, forums, FAQ, search, etc. If you click on THAT forum link, you will be brought to the main TG forums. You will find forums for all of the games we play, and a bunch of others that you may find interesting. If you're into politics and debate, check out the Sandbox. There's a heated discussion regarding intelligent design going on in there now, and you will see plenty of more topics that you might want to read and chime in on. There is a technology forum for you geeks out there. Pick your poison- there are a ton of forums out there for you to choose from.

    Hope to see you guys there!



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