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Server Transfer: Officer Decision and reasons

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  • Server Transfer: Officer Decision and reasons

    The officers have decided to not take the free transfer, and to wait for the seemingly enevitable server split.

    The reason for this is because we do not feel we can get the entire guild transferred in a reasonable time. With details being posted about the Server split process, we have decided the best way to keep the guild together, both hardcore players and casuals, is to wait until the server split, where you can go where the guild goes, with all your characters.

    This will give us the best chance to keep the guild together and move as a whole.

    We really understand how frustrating the server is right now, and that all of our patience has been ripped up, but please stick with us until we can get the server split, or enough people leave that they don't need to split it.

    Thanks again for your understanding, we made this decision looking only at the best interest of the guild as a whole.
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    Re: Server Transfer: Officer Decision and reasons

    Thanks Sajier, I think this whole thing has been a big ploy by Blizzard to get people to wanna switch. Especially after hearing about Luna's conversation with one of the GM's, when asked about the server crashes, they basically gave her a non-chalant answer like "yea it stinks" and changed the topic to avoid the subject.

    We'll see after Tuesday, I hope the server does split. That way we can get on some new hardware. The guild can pick up and move as a whole and not lose those who weren't on when we decided to move. I want to see everybody move because they know we have to, not because we want them to.
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      Re: Server Transfer: Officer Decision and reasons

      I'd like to personally apologize to all of you for having to deal with all of these disconnects and such. We're all in the same boat together here, and we sincerely feel that our decision will allow the guild to continue to flourish in the long run.

      In the short term, we're just as frustrated as anyone else, and are fighting back the urge to jump ship every time the server crashes. This will only be for a little longer!


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        Re: Server Transfer: Officer Decision and reasons

        Like the rest of you, I find it extraordinarily frustrating to be dc'd every 15-20 min.

        I also know that it is a bad business decision for Blizzard to allow this continue...and Blizz makes very few bad decisions. I expect that we will see some relief soon, and I'm personally comfortable with living with a group (vs. individual decision), of staying with my guildmates.
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          Re: Server Transfer: Officer Decision and reasons

          Thanks officers for making this post... I am behind your decisions 100% and I think your making the right decision personally. I know this is frustrating but anyone who has been playing this game for any length of time knows we have seen our ups and downs with server/software issues. This will shortly pass and I really dont think we are missing anything or are behind.. (this is a game) I am TG through and through and will be here when the smoke of Thunderhorn has passed.

          In the meanwhile I will just bounce from Ashenhart to newly created Zenash depending on server stability. I am having a blast with the new content and I am excited about the days ahead of us.




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