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A new Prayer (of Mending)!

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  • A new Prayer (of Mending)!

    Prayer of Mending is quickly becoming one of my favorite spells. In a well organized group, it can be an great tool for keeping melees up without having to get anywhere near AEs. I figured since it takes everyone understanding it to make it truly effective, I would post this for everyone to see! :)

    Here are the mechanics:

    Prayer of Mending is a insta-cast spell that place a buff on the target with 5 charges. The moment that person takes damage, a charge is expelled healing the person for 800 (or greater based on +healing, mine goes for about 1200 now) and then jumps to another person inside 20 yards. When that person takes damage, it jumps again and so on till the charges are used.

    So what does this do for ya?

    If you keep your casters outside of 20 yards, PoM will jump from melee to melee healing them when they take damage. That means, for example on mine last night in Tempest Keep, I would drop it on Talara before he pulled, and would over heal him initially and then bounce to Gaviin, heal him for a good chunk and bounce back to Talara. I could focus my main healing on Talara and Gaviin was much less of a concern because PoM would get him eventually, so a renew was enough to keep him going.

    What is better, PoM counts as the target healing themselves! :) Thus on a tank it generates threat and the priest gets NONE! (Yeah Gav, this is why you had 20k healing last night)

    An interesting caveat to this, is that for a priest, it is basically another health free use of Shadow Word: Death! If PoM lands on you, run over to your tank and SW: D to pop it off you and on to your tank or melee :)

    Finally, Mana utilization: This spell costs 390 mana for 5x flash heal if used correctly! That means that at 1k heal a pop (that is basically with 550 +healing) its 5k heal for 390 mana, without a doubt the most mana efficient heal we have. With the Mental Agility Talent (10% mana reduction on insta cast spells) and Healing Prayers (20% mana reduction on Prayer of Healing and Prayer of Mending) we could reduce the mana cost 30%, now 270 mana.

    So with +550 Healing (since I am shooting for 1k Prayer of Mendings and PoM gets 43% of +healing according to WoW forums) Here are some healing/mana ratios:

    Prayer of Mending(270 mana with MA and HP): 18:1
    Prayer of Mending (351 mana with MA) 14:1
    Prayer of Mending (390 mana) 12.8:1
    Greater Heal 7 (825 mana) 3.71:1
    Flash Heal 9 (470 mana) 3.03:1
    Renew 12 (450 mana) 3.68:1

    Priests, this has some great uses, and we need to keep a list of what we learn about it because this could be one of our greatest tools going forward.

    To that point, I am actually going to be respeccing to gain the 20% mana reduction on prayers as I have found myself using Prayer of Mending and Prayer of Healing a lot more in the 70 instances due to the massive AEs.
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    Re: A new Prayer (of Mending)!

    Great post. good to know that seems like it will be a great asset.. think how it would have been to have that on the melee in vael fights.




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