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  • A Little Post-Analysis

    So, I call out on a day they take the servers down. *madface*
    So what better to do than muse a bit on looking back at the leveling grind, what I did and what I found helpful, in hopes it might help some of you all.

    First, what I found to be particularly interesting while looking in my inventory was the gear I accumulated. I still haven't found a respectable pair of healing or dps shoulders, or a decent pair of bracers along the way. But I've managed several upgrades on all slots.

    Leveling and doing 5-man content forced me to be more flexible with my role, especially as a hybrid. As I completed quests, I found myself subconsciously selecting gear for an offspec. As a result, I've got incredibly good tanking gear that I won't replace for a very long time. It's the stuff designed to get you into the endgame raids, where the real tanks will acquire their epic and tier stuff. My healing gear was all T2/T3 quality, and I by and large have not replaced that. A few rings, a sweet new hammer, but I'm still using my [item]Red Dragonscale Protector[/item], my [item]Hibernation Crystal[/item] or my [item]Redemption Handguards[/item], along with T2 shoulders, belt, bracers, etc. So the level 60 stuff is still viable well into your high 60s.

    I'd certainly recommend, for those classes applicable, using your quest rewards for getting off-spec type of gear, stuff that you normally wouldn't use in a raid but, if called upon, would be beneficial on a situational basis.

    Secondly, for grinding, I've found overall survivability > damage. With Ret, I could nuke a mob as fast as a mage, but it would take most of my mana. I'd kill 2 or 3, sit and drink. So my grinding was slow. When I specced prot, I found myself able to aggro several mobs (ask Sajier... "don't heal me, stay out of combat whatever you do" *bubble* "why'd you heal oh god no!"), stay alive for a long, long time and kill them all slowly. But the net effect was that I could kill more mobs in a given amount of time. This isn't the case with a lot of classes, like warriors, where prot is an awful grinding build, but the concept remains the same. If you can stay alive and minimize your downtime between mobs, you're gonna go faster.

    Third, buffs. Buffs buffs buffs. Potions, food, it's all worth it. I've noticed TG doesn't potion NEARLY as much as we do in Imminent. I was astounded by the consumable requirements we had. Mageblood, mana oil, food buffs, rumsey rum, protection potions, flasks... you name it, we had it on a raid. While it can be pricey to go that extreme, some things to consider: [item]Clam Bar[/item] is super cheap and easy to get. [item]Rumsey Rum Black Label[/item] has an infinite supply at 2 silver each in Old Hillsbrad. [item]Mageblood Potion[/item] is now really easy to get and is not very expensive at all. Why have them? Why not. It keeps you going. I always have a supply handy.

    Fourth, maximize experience while minimizing questing. Huh? Do fewer quests? No. Consolidate your quests. Try to group with people for one zone, and do soloable quests alone when your groups disband. This will maximize your XP gain and level you further per zone, and leave more virgin territory for when you hit 70. Don't forget, once you're 70 that XP turns into cash money. Except for three chains, I did Hellfire, Zangarmarsh, Nagrand and Terrokar, and I still have a few quests I can do in those zones. Blade's Edge, Netherstorm and Shadowmoon are all untouched. That's probably 3000g worth of quest rewards waiting for me. Hello flying mount. Now I can save my mats for some sexy [item]Blessed Bracers[/item].

    Some of you might disagree, but I found myself leveling this way, and I was able to get a lot done with and without a group. It was all about maximizing efficiency; working smarter, not harder. Maybe it helps? I dunno. I'm just bored without T-Horn up =(.

    Anyhow, I've gotta make some fast runs through Steamvaults and Arcatraz to get my Karazhan key. Anyone up for it later?

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    Re: A Little Post-Analysis

    Thanks for the tidbits Ark... always great to hear from you!!




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