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  • New Blood, New Leadership

    I became the GM of this guild a year ago this month. I feel it is time to pass the torch to a new set of hands. I've elected Beep and Luna to take my place. Beep will hold the GM title, but it should be understood that they will share the load. Being the GM of this guild is no easy task, and they will do well to assist each other closely. I will remain as an officer and advisor.

    The other officers will remain as officers, although their roles may change as we seek to accomodate the Burning Crusade expansion. I feel the officers, as well as non-officers, have alot of work ahead of them.

    There are rumors of a raiding team, disgruntled guildies that feel they are being overlooked, and now changes in leadership. Things will work out, but we must work at them and not bicker about how things should be...make it so. If you have trouble making a group, try making a date. Find five people and try to set up a run a couple days in advance. If you try last minute, most people have found something that is occupying their time. It might seem clique-ish, but it works, and you're working with members of the guild.

    Also, we all have our goals, and we should be willing to help others on we can. Don't expect people to drop what they are doing...

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    Re: New Blood

    Thank you so much for all the work you have put into the guild, I know it hasn't been an easy task and you have my respect and admiration for what you have done.

    That said, congrats (or condolences? ;)) to Beep and Luna. You guys will do great. :)
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      Re: New Blood


      You stepped up to the job at a time of great turmoil and have served us with distinction and dedication. I'm personally grateful for the many roles you've played as GM and for the time and effort you've expended to make this more fun for all of us. In your term as GM, we went from struggling to staff our own 20 man raids all the way to mounting multiple weekly 40 man raids...a period of growth and change.

      We're faced with a whole different animal in the form of the Burning Crusade expansion. I'm looking forward to working with Luna and the other guild officers to make Tactical Gamer the guild where people WANT to be for the future. I'm also grateful that you are staying with us in an officer role.

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        Re: New Blood


        You've done a fantastic job as GM for the past year. The development and cohesion we've experienced as a guild can be directly attributed to you and your solid leadership. Beep and I will not let you down!


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          Re: New Blood, New Leadership

          As I told in private.. I will say here also. You are to be congratulated for leading TG through many changes and did a great job keeping things together. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. Enjoy taking the step back...!!


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            Re: New Blood

            Originally posted by luna View Post
            Hehehehe, by FAR the cutest thing i think i have EVER seen!

            /Kudos Luna




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