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Karazhan Friday 7pm (Sign-ups Posted Wednesday)

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  • Karazhan Friday 7pm (Sign-ups Posted Wednesday)

    We will be headed back to Karazhan on Friday Night! After our success in there last week, I am looking forward to seeing how we can do and hope to see Maiden down and Moroes progressing.

    So, I will be posting the raid on Wednesday on the normal Raid Signup Site.

    When you sign up you will be put into the queue. Then, based on sign up time and necessary class/role balance, I will build the raid. As we have more than 10 people who are ready for Karazhan, I feel this is the most equitable way to build the group. I am not telling anyone when the sign-ups will be posted, other than Wednesday, it will be up to everyone to look for it and sign up.

    Please come prepared for this, that means bring the following:

    Plenty of your class reagents (I am bringing 60 candles for myself).
    5 or more Super Healing or Mana pots based on your needs.
    2 Limited Invulnerability Potions (will help us with the learning process for Moroes to deal with his Garotte).

    Please also have read the following:
    Karazhan Info
    Attumen the Huntsman Info
    Maiden of Virtue Info
    Moroes Info

    Looking forward to doing this again, hope to see you all there!
    Sajaman/|TG-Irr|Sajier - WoW Resto Shaman, BF2/BF2142 Assault/Medic

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