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  • Black Morass Info

    I received a question about if people who didn't run the instance could zone in and talk to Medivh to finish the Karazhan key, and that people have been trouble finishing it.

    From what I have heard, its locked into the 5 who enter the instance, but I no actual proof of that.

    Now, here are my tips on how to accomplish Black Morass.

    I have done this event with both the right and wrong groups, and a couple "non-optimal" groups and I have learned a good chunk. It can be done solidly by any group as long as they have the following:

    1 Tank
    1 Healer (Priest preferably due to second boss, unless you have a mage to spell steal. More in a bit on this)
    2 DPS (If your Add Controller isn't a mage, then one of these should be an AoEer who can take out the whelps)
    1 Add Controller (could be a tank, a pali, or could be a mage, just need to be able to keep the adds from beating on Med long enough to let the group down the Lord/Keeper/Boss and come help with the adds).

    The event is all about control, focused DPS, and aggro control. As long as you can keep the Boss on your tank, drop each boss at a consistant rate, and keep the adds controlled, this event is tough, but doable.

    Boss Info:
    • Rift Lords: Straight Mele mobs. Don't seem to hit that hard against a good tank, and have a 2k Thundercap and either Mortal Strike or Sunder Armor.
    • Rift Keepers: Come in 2 variations, Shadow or Elemental. Shadow will use an AoE Shadow Bolt, Curse, and fear. Elemental will use Blast Wave, AoE frostbolt, Polymorph, and Pyroblast. Pretty straight forward. Require more healing than Lords, but die a bit quicker.
    • Deja: Comes from Portal 6. Has 2 main abilities, an AoE Arcane Blast (2-3k) and Time Lapse (60% attack and movement speed). Not tough.
    • Temporus: Hardest Boss in BM. This boss has several very nasty abilities. First is that he can buff himself with a 200% movement/attackspeed buff. This must be dispelled or spell stolen or you are going to be in deep trouble, especially when combined with ability two, Mortal Wound. Mortal Wound reduces healing done by 10% for each application (chance on each hit to add). Its only an 8 second debuff. Temporus is very slow if he doesn't have his buff, so if you keep it off him, once your tank has 4-5 of the debuffs, he can run him around till the debuffs wear off. Have to be very mindful of aggro control.
    • Aeonus: 3 Abilities: Time Stop (5-8 second stun), Sand Breath (just like Epoch Hunter), and Frenzy (attack speed increase). No additional adds spawn once Aeonus spawns. Let him beat on Med's shield if necessary to get yourselves back to full mana/health and finish off any adds you have left. Keep HoTs up on your tank, make sure Aeonus is turned away from the group other than the tank and just work him down.

    If there are other questions feel free to let me know, and I will be happy to tell you anything I can.
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    Re: Black Morass Info

    After doing a bit of research it appears (thought this isn't confirmed) that you need to have completed the quest 'Opening the Dark Portal' before you can complete the key from the quest 'The Master's Touch'. I haven't been able to find anything confirming that you need to be in the original group of 5 for the event -- though that would seem reasonable.

    It would seem that most people that still need the BM part of the key chain probably haven't completed this quest yet so its probably a moot point for most. I have ran the event successfully prior to starting the key chain so I could test this out if another group successfully does the event.

    Since we have a number of people that need this it may be worth a try to see who exactly can talk to Medivh after the event is complete just so we know for sure.

    Thanks for the write-up Saj. I've only been in there once, but we didn't have many problems. Our group was Gav, Wintrow, Halten, Valik, and myself. Valik was able to handle the adds with the help of his Felguard. We only had to hurry between the last couple portals. And the 2nd boss wasn't too bad (Halten tanked the whole time, Wintrow alternated between big heals to Halten and casting Dispel on the boss).
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      Re: Black Morass Info

      A good tip for Temporus is something that's used for Murmur as well. The healing debuff lasts 8 seconds and is reapplied every 6 seconds. If the tank is a warrior they can intervene on someone far away (mage, warlock, healer, add controler, hunter) and create a large enough gap at the 4-5 second mark so that the next 3-4 seconds before the debuff fades can be spent as he runs towards the warrior.

      If a druid is tanking then feral charge on one of the adds to create the distance you need to let the debuff fade.

      If a paladin is tanking then you're going to have to bubble briefly to let it fall and then you're out of luck. Saddly paladins don't have any quick escape methods unless you want to try and run away with your 8% run speed talent.
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        Re: Black Morass Info

        You have to be careful with the intervene tactic. If Temporus gets too far away from the portal he will Evade and reset to full health.

        Temporus is slow, easily kitable when he doesn't have his buff, so shield the tank and let them run around the portal till the debuffs fall off then re-engage.
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