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Some of those Fancy Heroics.

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  • Some of those Fancy Heroics.

    (alot of this is repeated from sajier's posts in tactics, but this is more for communication)

    As we're hitting 70, and running the 5 mans, we're all gaining a lot of rep, for a lot of different factions. For 5 factions in particular, upon reaching revered, you obtain the heroic mode key for that Dungeon's instances.

    We're making good progress as we start our movement into Karazhan, but there's also progression on the side, towards these keys. And we should hopefully, be able to soon start testing the waters of heroic mode.

    The 5 keys, and their respective factions and instances are:

    Flamewrought Key: Hellfire Citadel, Honor Hold
    Resevoir Key: Coilfang Resevoir, Cenarion Expedition
    Auchenai Key: Auchindoun, Lower City
    Warpforged Key: Tempest Keep, Sha'tar
    Key of Time: Caverns of Time, Keepers of Time.

    Heroic mode is going to be difficult. Even trash mobs will be significantly harder than in normal mode, and the bosses may simply be stronger, or require a new strategy to defeat. However, these increased difficulties are not without benefits:

    1) Better drops. All the bosses have a new and improved loot table, to go with their new and improved ability to beat the daylights out of us.
    2) More primal nethers: These things only drop rarely from the final bosses of 5 mans, but they drop a lot more often in heroic mode...meaning our crafters are going to want to run heroic a lot.
    3) Badges of Justice: You've probably seen the Naaru in Shattrath, offering some very nice rewards for these. There are some nice caster offhands, some weapons and shields, and trinkets, cloaks, necklaces and more, divided up into tanking, melee dps, caster dps, and healing. And some really nice fire resist gear to boot. Something for everyone, and these badges only drop in heroic mode, 1 per boss.

    Now, the question is, who's ready to try some of these instances...and on top of that, who's keyed? Everyone in the party will need the key..and while I know many have some, we need to figure out who has what, so that we can check these things out.

    I personally have all 5 heroic mode keys. I'm ready for the challenge. Who's with me?

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    Re: Some of those Fancy Heroics.

    I'm down. I now have all five keys. Well, except for the Tempest Keep one because I don't want to buy it without the Honored rep discount (10%) that is currently not being applied to the Sha'tari Quartermaster. Gotta save that 1g!!! :)


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      Re: Some of those Fancy Heroics.

      I have 2 of 5 (CE, KoT), with 2 others about 1-2 runs away (HH LC). The Tempest Key is still a few runs away...
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        Re: Some of those Fancy Heroics.

        I currently have 1 of the keys (CE) and have been having horrible luck getting runs to the other instances. -.-
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          Re: Some of those Fancy Heroics.

          I currently have CoT, CE, and HH. I am 1k rep from Shat'ar Key and like 7k rep from Lower City.
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            Re: Some of those Fancy Heroics.

            Closing in fast on all the keys, a few runs away from HH, LC and Shat'ar, else keys in hand.




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