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  • Thoughts on 5 man instances

    If we needed any reminders that TBC is a different game than the "old" WoW, you need only start running the 5 man instances in the expansion, ESPECIALLY the level 70 instances.
    • Crowd control...with more mobs than controllers...
    • Aggro control...tanks losing aggro to pets...or to a mage's three consecutive crits...
    • Accountability...screw up and the party wipes.
    • Party Makeup...some instance bosses require extreme DPS to succeed, with severe handicaps for a group that is "healing heavy" at the cost of DPS (think Black Morass). Other bosses demand different emphasis.
    • Tanking..."LFM, need tank..." While it's nice to needed/wanted (for a change!!), Blizz still makes it a hard choice to be a protection spec warrior. This is new territory, so it may take a while for folks to respond to the new "needs" of these instances.
    • Levels...frustration from finding that your friend (two levels below you) just doesn't have the DPS/gear/healing/aggro/etc. to get you through the boss fights.

    We are so accustomed to the 20-40 man instance game (old WoW) that we are getting very stressed by the 5 man focus of the new WoW. In my case, leveling from 60-70 pretty well drove me nuts until I specced DW/Fury in order to be able to level up and have the option of questing solo. Now that I'm 70, I'm looking for better gear, rep and keys (all of which are linked)...and solo questing is really back burner. No problem, right? I have all this nifty new +AP, +crit, +hit, etc. gear to wear....UH....but now I'm trying to tank a boss who can hit for 8,000 per attack and I don't have the +def or the damage mitigation available ONLY from deep in the protection tree. (sigh)...ok...BACK to protection spec BECAUSE IT WORKS!!!

    The moral to my little tale is that if I want to be a sought-after contributor to 5 man (or 10 man) groups, I have to gear and spec to be effective for that along with being able to play my class/role effectively.

    The 5 man instances in some cases are still spanking us pretty hard...and that's stressful to the max. This is placing great demand for players who have the skill and the experience...BUT we are ALWAYS SHORT OF BOTH!!!

    And a related problem is that instances are getting harder...NOT we move along. I'm betting some favored specs for some classes that worked extremely well historically will fall from favor because of the demands in 5 man instances from the new WoW. F'rinstance...crowd control...we have to CC in tackling 6 mob pulls. Yikes! This makes ice-spec mages into heroes. This makes Warlocks with a felguard minion very, very popular. This makes damage-mitigating warriors to be sought out as tanks. This makes high efficiency healers the saviors of some groups.

    Stressful? You bet! Will you have to think about LRN2PLAYNOOB and your choice of spec? I did. And I think you will, too.:) The "dark side" on all of this is that while I still believe that you should play the class and spec you enjoy, what works best in 5 man instances is NOT necessarily what you might prefer. If you want to succeed in a group, you need to be good at what you do and do what is needed IN THE GROUP.

    I don't have recommendations or answers for everyone. I am thinking about it, though and plan to share some thoughts from time to time, hoping that you'll find something useful to think about for your own gaming.

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    Re: Thoughts on 5 man instances

    This is a reality that hit me pretty hard a couple of nights ago. I went to Escape from Durnholde with Sajier, Ogi, and Hion and the realization that Ogi was more effective with his Demo spec (warlock) than I was with my SM/Ruin spec bummed me out alot. I loved being a SM/Ruin lock and found it so effective in multiple situations that I vowed to never change my spec. Well I ate a bit of crow last night and changed my spec and was very glad that I did. It helped us tremendously in Shadow Labs more than I would have guessed. I apologize to Beep and company last night for trying out my new spec on your run but I also think I was more effective than I would have been if I was specd SM/Ruin.
    I now have another hurdle to overcome and thats to either really search out the best gear available to me atm or even change professions to tailoring so that I can get better gear.
    The new challenges are a bit painful at first but that is what is making this game so much fun again. We are faced with new challenges and will take "Tactical Gamers" to overcome them.

    BTW.... The new soul cookies are delicious ... YUMM!!
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      Re: Thoughts on 5 man instances

      I said my shadow priest would never go holy and I switched last week. To my surprise I really like my new spec. Sense my priest is an alt and used mainly for 5-mans the new spec makes my role much easier. Change is good.

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        Re: Thoughts on 5 man instances

        The one thing about the instances in burning crusade is that it will show all the people who where just sliding by and not doing there jobs in the old raids, there isn't any margine of error in TBC. So for some of us this isn't a change at all, for others unfortunately it's learning to play your class for the first time effectively.
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          Re: Thoughts on 5 man instances

          Originally posted by Alava View Post
          The one thing about the instances in burning crusade is that it will show all the people who where just sliding by and not doing there jobs in the old raids, there isn't any margine of error in TBC. So for some of us this isn't a change at all, for others unfortunately it's learning to play your class for the first time effectively.
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            Re: Thoughts on 5 man instances

            The 5 mans are indeed different with new challanges. Frequently, non "tanks" will need to handle mobs and CC is ongoing in the battles, as saps, sheep, traps seem to break more. Balance in a group is learned as we group. Toons specs vary so in differing groups we need learn from the context of that group. For mages one set of challages has always been to not pull hate (unless u r going to finish the mob or pull off healer), take as little healing as possible, yet help dmg mobs down as fast as possible (time ticks mana from healers). In BC mage crits rates can easily exceed 40% persenting us with a bit of unpredictability, though with invis, Iceblock, and Muck coverd cloaks and such this is still manageble. All mages cast ice, fire and arc spells though ice has some added control it has the most crits so can be vexing early in battles. I remain available to any 5 man Beep or anyone is kind enough to invite me to run.





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