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  • Drawing the line

    In summary: Real life FTW.

    Instancing while I'm attempting to run a business is not an option. The addiction of playing vs. doing things I should be doing is not an option. Reality has set in very hard in the last 48 hours and so I've deleted my 60 warlock, my ~30 priest and my bank toon, and as soon as my AH empties out and I unload my cache to Aderes, my account and 63 Arvid are gone.

    Saying I won't play until I'm caught up didn't work. Suspending my account didn't work. The only way out is to remove the entire temptation.

    Once the gaming store is more on automatic with the bugs worked out, and my paperwork is caught up, I could return. It always was fun to play with TG peeps when there wasn't external stress factors.

    Aderes will stick around and I hope you guys will continue to help her catch up and invite her to groups. With the cache of gold and materials I am sending her she shouldn't have any problem keeping up. So far I've managed to clear about 1400g by selling everything I've been holding for months.

    And to Dreamcatcher, I will leave you with a final score of 1 to 1, because it's your kind words and stabs to my brain from someone who's been there, that helped me realize what I need to do in order to me to a happy place again. So my deepest thanks to you.

    If you wish to keep contact with me, I invite you to email me at [email protected]. I probably won't return to the forum unless I am welcomed into the guild in the future.

    So long.

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    Re: Drawing the line

    Ah Arvid,

    We all know what a timesink WoW can be. We fully support your doing what you need to do, what works for you.

    You will have a place with TG when you are ready for it. We'll keep a light in the window!

    Good luck...and keep in touch!

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      Re: Drawing the line

      Some Days I look at what I have done today since I got home from and I feel the same way. I sometimes feel like I should be doing something more productive like working on my house or yard(Snow doesn't help here). Or practiing my airbrushing.(pain to do when you don't really have a spot you leave it all settup) Anyhow I know how you feel. Not sure I could do it but I tottaly understand. Good luck.
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        Re: Drawing the line

        I can totally understand where you are coming from and many people here can atest to knowing when they have seen me totally leave game for periods of time to catch up in real life. I took a break last year which resulted in me losing 60 lbs since I got off my backside and got my happy self to the gym.

        Please know that there is always a place here for you. Tactical Gamer is a gaming community. It is about mature gamers who play many different games all in a spirit of teamplay. You joined the whole team not just the WoW team.. and there will always be a home here for you.

        We look forward to seeing you again!


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          Re: Drawing the line

          We'll miss you terribly, Arvid! Hope to see you back soon, once RL gets itself in order.


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            Re: Drawing the line

            Cya Arvid, hope everyone gets better for ya!

            "REMEMBER! Pillage first THEN Burn!"


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              Re: Drawing the line

              *waves the kerchief at her hero*

              Best of luck Arvid. Know that you will always have friends here. Drop us a line here now and again.

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                Re: Drawing the line

                ok now who will tell us jokes....
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                  Re: Drawing the line

                  Good luck and I wish you the best!

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