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  • Shamanigans!

    So, My Shaman hit level 20 last night, and i think i might actually get serious about playing him.

    Unfortunately, i have no idea how to spec him. I was kinda interested in Enhancement, cause i like Melee... Is that a good path to go? or am i a more effective DPSer as Elemental? (Keeping in mind that this toon is my new 'I can do Damage!' toon, since Missdelaney is stranded on Zangarmarsh.)

    And, if i do stick with enhancement.... Are Shammies with 2 handed Axes any good? or should i stick with a sword and shield till I get my dual wield talent?

    I'm planning on respeccing to Irritation pretty soon. Granted, I'll lose the burst DPS from Pissing People Off Outright, but I'll get DoT's and higher damage through AoE's.

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    Re: Shamanigans!


    Enhancement is really the consesus build for leveling. Elemental is fun, who doesn't like chucking lightning bolts? The challenge is you spend all your time drinking and you can't conjure water :( As for a build, with the proposed change to WF it's really a 50/50 choice right now. The old rule was DW for PvE and a big 2h'er for PvP. Now that your OH will share the cooldown with your MH I'm not sure how DW Enhancement will perform.

    My recommendation would be to get yourself a big, slow 2h'er with max top end damage. Throw a WF buff on it and wait for the procs. It's painful sometimes waiting for it to proc but when it does mobs just die.

    My only other advice you already know for your Pali and that's save some mana for heals, you're going to need it. :)
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      Re: Shamanigans!

      At level 47, I can report that DW Enhancement works well for leveling. So far as I know (as a nooblet Shaman!), the Windfury "fix" isn't in yet, so having Windfury Level 1 on the offhand and Windfury Level 2 on the mainhand still allows double proc.

      With Stormstrike and DW, the DPS is respectable with limited mana use (allowing for the occasional mid-fight heal and/or totems to deal with the inevitable add or 2 mob pull). Melee DPS is SIGNIFICANTLY reduced when you tangle with mobs 2 or more levels higher than you because of the misses...but you CAN take them down by stepping up your damage spells, pretty well obliterating your mana in each fight!

      So far (knock on wood!), solo leveling my Shaman has been the easiest leveling on any toon so far (of course I haven't leveled a hunter past 12, so don't take this as authoritative).

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        Re: Shamanigans!

        The fix isn't in yet, but alot of people are saying just to throw Flametongue on the offhand. Who knows, it'll take some experimenting.

        Oh, and most people say enhancement is the way to go for leveling. Really depends on your playstyle though. As enhancement, I was oom ALOT, but thats because one Earthshock is 14% of my mana, so meh. Shamanistic Rage ftw! Once you start seeing +dmg gear, you can go elemental if you'd like, but until then, its not really worth it, imo.

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          Re: Shamanigans!

          If you are interested in DPS, I'd say enhancement will be best because you are used to the durability of a palidan and this will be similar (except with dps). My Shammy is Resto all the way and is VERY hard to kill, and has plenty of mana.

          At lvl 51, I pulled 3 lvl 50 satyrs and new I was fine, but when an undead mage pulled 2 more to me, then ran away so they came back to me, I died as I killed the last one (then self-rezzed, damn need to buy another ankh). Even my paladin would have been dead long before that, at that level, from lack of dps and running out of mana. I think my mage is the only other toon I have that might have survived.
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            Re: Shamanigans!

            you know i leveled a shaman to 62 thus far and i was elemental the whole way, ya, you will have to drink more then if you are a cookie cutter enhancement, but just the sheer numbers you will get from your shocks and lightening bolts and chain lightenings will leave your jaw on the floor at higher levels. At level 59 in outland i went to frost shock a mob as it tried to run away and crit for 1500 : D, so i think that with the right elemental spec, you'll do more dps in the long run, i'll look for the video of a 70 level shaman holding 950.8 dps for 2 min. 28 sec. it's nuts
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