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  • Introducing Squads!!

    BASIC IDEA: Instead of sole reliance on guild-led instance runs, the guild will encourage and support the creation of “squad” groups that regularly run instances together.

    1. Squads: (There is no A-Team)

    * Any player in the guild can create a squad and is encouraged to do so. It is likely that squads will be formed by “peers” (players of similar level, playing times, etc.)
    * One player will be the designated Squad's Leader (SL).
    * Squads will make their own rules and submit them to the officers for approval to ensure fairness as much as possible. (We don't need squads in our guild that don't function well within the guild and that don’t align with our guild ideals of teamwork, mutual respect and fun.)
    * Squads are responsible for setting up times to play and managing their own looting systems. Squads may be created from those in similar time zones.
    * Players may join one (and only one) squad. Members seeking squad membership may apply to any squad or may be invited to join a squad. Membership is not "automatic" since these are voluntary groups.
    * Squad membership is optional, not required.
    * There is no set size for squads.
    * Alts may join as full squad members.
    * Squad Leaders (SL) will have some to-be-determined official status for coordination and cooperation with the guild leadership. Guild officers MAY be Squad Leaders, but Squad Leaders do not have to be officers.
    * SL’s are not necessarily the tactical leaders for squad outings. Who leads is up to the squads to decide.
    * We encourage knowledge sharing of strategy and tactics among squads.
    * We strongly encourage squads to be welcoming to non-squad members who fill slots on their scheduled outings.
    * Squads will have their own TG Wiki pages and Squad Forum
    * SL's will post an application to the guild (format to be determined) covering such things as goals, size, tentative scheduling, class makeup. Once squads are formed, SL's are responsible to keep current membership lists.
    * SL's may invite individuals to join their squad, but should also be prepared to handle unsolicited applications to join. Coordination among SLs should help everyone who wants to be a part of the squad scheme.

    2. Squads on the Raid Site: (Power to the People)

    * Squad Leaders will be authorized to schedule raids on the guild raid site.
    * Squad Leaders are expected to allow squad members preference on signups with a reasonable time for signup.
    * Squad Leaders will post open slots or "needs” for a slot due to a missing squad member. This can/should be filled by a non-squad guildie on the day of the raid.
    * Substitutes may be members of another squad (or may not be part of any squad).

    3. Squad Scrambling: (Mix-it-up Weeks)

    * 1st Week of every month (or any other agreed-to time)
    * One raid is scheduled by each squad leader.
    * Preference is given to guildies in general and not to the normal squad members.
    * Signing up on multiple raids should be discouraged since players will be saved to the first raid they run.
    * Squad Leaders should pay attention to players they select and possibly remove them from other raids that they would be saved to and unable to go to.
    * Communication and coordination among SL’s is expected and encouraged.

    4. General Issues: (overall concerns)

    * Scheduling squad runs 5 nights a week is probably “too much”, but that is up the squads. Our thinking is more along the lines of 2 or 3 runs as “typical”.
    * Guild runs (led by guild leaders) may still be scheduled (but will be coodinated with the SL's).
    * The goal of promoting squads is to encourage players to work together on a more regular basis to explore expansion content. We are not interested in creating a group of exclusive cliques who don’t interact with others in a mutually supportive fashion.
    * We are aware that some players may feel that squad membership is not for them or that squads are somehow threatening to their enjoyment of the game. For now, we encourage everyone to have an open mind and give the idea a chance.
    * After we have first-hand experience with this organizational scheme, we will decide to continue, modify or scrap it altogether.
    * The TG Community admins and/or TG Guild leaders reserve the right to make adjustments to rules and/or revoke access to the guild's website and in-game guild membership. Squad leaders should communicate directly with guild leaders and/or TG admins to assure their squad operates within the TG Community's code of conduct as well as following any/all squad policies established for the guild.
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    Re: Introducing Squads!!

    Squad Organizers Hitch.

    There is a distinction being made between a Squad Organizer and a Tactical Leader. SO would be the person who puts the squad together, sets up raid times, and posts them on the raid site. Tactical Leader is the person who actually decides strat and runs the raids. They could be the same person, but they don't have to be.

    And as far as the officer thingy, it means that you can start a squad, and I can start a squad. You don't have to be an officer to be a Squad Organizer.
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      Re: Introducing Squads!!

      Thanks, I had the feeling that SL = SO, I just wanted to be sure.


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        Re: Introducing Squads!!

        Thread split for the sake of clarity. This thread is to answer any questions regarding squads. The other thread is for discussing the benefits of supporting membership.

        Carry on!


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          Re: Introducing Squads!!

          ******NOW WHAT******
          Ok we now have guidelines for the structure of squads. Now what?? Do we make posts to state formation of squads.. are they already formed .. are we to wait and see what squads the officers are forming? I would be willing to help SO if need be but I kinda want to see what others are doing or what is expected.

          btw Thanks Luna for keeping thread on track!


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            Re: Introducing Squads!!

            We will post a prototype squad charter/application format in the next day or so that will clarify some of this. Keep your eyes peeled!!

            Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do. - (Isaac Asimov)


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              Re: Introducing Squads!!

              Maybe I missed it but are there any guidelines on how squads are to handle alt's vs mains?


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                Re: Introducing Squads!!

                Jest, you dictate that as squad leader. My squad designates people who are on the squad and 1 character who will be signing up for raids, but if there is a need for something else, we gladly pull in alts of squadmates or others from the guild to fill in slots.
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