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03/22/07 Aar

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  • 03/22/07 Aar

    Team Illidan in Karazhan

    Had some minor difficulties on Attuman where we wiped twice due to being too scattered and had to reclear the stables. On the third attempt Jedril did a good job of picking Attuman up when he appeared and passed it to Beep who then tanked him. Some small confusion where Beep forgot he had to disarm Attuman, but other than that the run was done by the books. Some loot for Crebis dropped and was quickly turned into a void crystal as Luna came away from it with a set of bracers.

    Luckily we had a relitively easy group with Moroes and he came with the Arms Warrior, Protection Warrior, Holy Paladin, and Holy Priest.

    1 2 3

    4 5 6

    7 8 9

    If Moroes and company starts at 4 then the Holy Priest was kited between 5 and 6 by the mages as we burned her down first. The Holy Paladin was shackled at 1 and kept shackled throughout the fight. The Mortal Strike warrior was tanked by Jedril at 5 and burned down second. The Protection Warrior was kited/ice trapped from 7 to 9 and back to 7 before repeating the process and was killed third. Moroes was, of course, tanked at number 2 and burned down fourth.

    On the first attempt priest and both warriors went down without a hitch before we worked on Moroes. There was a small problem as Sajier ran out of mana to shackle so holy paladin with ice trapped at 3 and again at 1 before Sajier was able to use a mana pot and resume shackles. We lost Shalt towards the end of the fight due to a garrot that wasn't removed since we were saving the blessing of protection for the paladin healers and Sajier. Around 10% Moroes killed the tank and started going on a killing spree. I DCed at about 4% and came back when only 3 others were left. Moroes 3 shotted me with a 6k crushing blow at less than 1%.

    On the second attempt the 4 adds were dealt with the same way. The holy paladin was ice trapped once when a shackle broke early before being resumed by Sajier. Moroes went down without any problems and with much fanfaire.

    To be honest I wasn't paying much attention to the holy priest and who was dealing with her as I was playing "catch me if you can" with the protection warrior.
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