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Undocumented Changes in the Patch

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  • Undocumented Changes in the Patch

    • The /who function will now display up to 50 matches and the total possible matches (for example, /who 70 shows "90 matches (50 displayed)")
    • Polymorph no longer heals the target
    • The Warlock Talent "Improved Drain Soul" no longer gives mana back
    • Boats now have a bell that they ring when they arrive at the dock
    • There is now PvP water on the general rewards vendor. 4200 and 7500 mana, with costs of 12 silver / 1 honor and 25 silver / 1 honor per 5
    • You can now block attacks while your shield is in the sheathed position. Previously, Warriors and Paladins were vulnerable while using instant-cast abilities that caused their shield to momentarily appear on their back
    • Tauren druids are now golden-brown in flight form rather than black
    • Tailors and Alchemists can speak to their respective specialist in Shattrath to unlearn a specialization, costs 100g
    • There is now epic helms purchasable from G'eras. Each cost 60 badges of justice
    • The honor cost of many items have been lowered
    • 2 New Gladiator weapons added: Gladiator's Gavel (Spell Damage 1-Handed Mace, identical to the Gladiator's Spell Blade) and Gladiator's Salvation 348 Healing 16 Resilence 1-Handed mace
    • Base cost of untalented shapeshifting reduced to 35% from 44% and Travel/Aquatic/Flight reduced to 13% from 16% base mana (that includes swift flight form as well)
    • New types of quest: daily quests. Repeatable but can only be done once per day. Max of 10 daily quests per day. Hellfire fortifications is now a daily quest
    • Spell crit has been removed from Silent Slippers of Meditation
    • Added the two priest DPS arena pieces that were missing previously
    • Gift of the Wild has its own icon now
    • The consortium gem bag works. It does not get mailed to you automatically you must fly to nagrand and talk with Gezhe to do the quest membership benefits to receive your bag of gems
    • Swift Starfire Diamond metagem no longer lists a requirement of 2 yellow gems and 1 red gem, but never gives its bonus
    • Totem of the Pulsing Earth now Equip: Reduces the mana cost of Lightning Bolt by 24
    • Primal Nethers purchasable from G'eras cost 12 badges of justice
    • Blessing of Freedom graphic changed from "foot bubble" to golden streamers from the back of players with the blessing
    • All but three blessings (Blessing of Sanctuary, Salvation, and Protection) got a new animation. A few seals also got new animations
    • The 60% flying mount's animation is slower paced, however the speed remains unchanged
    • Boots of Fortelling now have 16 spell crit rating
    • Ribbon of Sacrifice now gives 30 heal per application, as well as has an equip bonus of 11 mana/5
    • Pendant of the Violet Eye now gives 21 mana/5 per application, and also has an equip bonus of 34 intellect
    • Karazhan loot has been reitemized
    • In the patch notes it said that the material requirements for Super Mana Potion and Super Healing Potion were switched. This is not in fact true. They remain the same as 2.0.10
    • Guile of Khoraazi now has 18 agility and 38 attack power (BOO!)
    • Runic spellthread is now 35 spell damage and 20 stamina
    • Serpent Flesh has a new icon, it no longer looks like a trouser serpent (lol, I always thought that meat looked slightly phallic)
    • Concussive Shot has a very distinct look now it looks like a shadowy arrow when shot instead of looking like arcane shot
    • Female Blood Elves have a new bow animation
    • Inner Focus now has a new graphic blue aura that surrounds the Priest for a short time
    • When healing a target, the amount of health that you healed them by now appears above the effected ally's character similar to damaging an enemy
    • Focused Power was supposed to decrease the cast time of Mass Dispel and increase it's cast time but it doesn't even show this on the talent's tool tip
    • New option for the minimap. Now you can have the map rotate rather than having your arrow rotate
    • Renew now triggers the proc of Scarab of the Infinite Cycle
    • Devastate now states 'An instant weapon attack with both weapons...'
    • Changed the layout of the sleeping gryphons at the Menethil Harbor flightpoint
    • Shawl of Shifting Probabilities (Damage Caster Cloakrom 25 heroic badge turn ins) has been completely changed
      12 Stamina
      8 Intellect
      Improved Spell Critical strike raiting by 16
      Increases Damage and Healing done by 34
    • Netherstrike Belt (Crafted Dragonscale LW Elemental set) has been considerably nerfed
      9 Stamina (-9 stamina)
      15 Intellect (+3 intellect)
      Improved Spell Critical strike raiting by 14 (-6 spell crit)
      Improves Damage and Healing by 28 (+3 spell damage)

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    Re: Undocumented Changes in the Patch

    WTH they nerf elixir mastery and now I have to PAY to unlearn it! BOOOOOOOO!

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      Re: Undocumented Changes in the Patch

      Haven't found any real info on this, but there are people saying the Polymorph change is only for mob poly not player poly.
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        Re: Undocumented Changes in the Patch

        Polymorph is an acknowledged, active bug, according to a post by Tseric. It will be healing. (probably related to the fix so that reflective damage effects, aka molten armor most of the time, wont' break polymorph...i've had sheep break immediately, due to the timing being so i was hit, sheeped, and then the reflection breaks it)




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