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Leveling together?? (early to mid-60's)

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  • Leveling together?? (early to mid-60's)

    Here's the deal! My Level 63 Priest (Beepster, Shadow Spec Priest) is very interested in finding some leveling partners for fun and er, profit! While Beep (Prot-spec Tank) is very much my main, I really enjoy my priest as well. While it's possible to do almost all the leveling work in a solo grind, it is B-O-R-I-N-G! :row__531:

    I know many of you have alts at around the same level, so...keep Beepster in mind for some partnering for quests, grinding or running instances.

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    Re: Leveling together?? (early to mid-60's)

    Hey Beep you know if you need a healer for instance running you can always hit me up with my priest on the other side of the spectrum. :D

    It seems I've been doing a lot of farming lately and it only takes something shiney or the promise of a run to 'distract' me from doing that.
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      Re: Leveling together?? (early to mid-60's)

      I've got a young warlock (68) that's been mostly soloing in my downtime and has yet to do most instances. It would be fun to get the lock/shadowpriest combo going!


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        Re: Leveling together?? (early to mid-60's)

        i have a druid 58 and a 64 mage
        Candrice 63 Warrior
        Ricca 70 Rogue
        Machelle 70 Mage
        Enya 74 Druid


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          Re: Leveling together?? (early to mid-60's)

          I've been online at all the wrong times to get into instance groups on Saxen (either that or the ol' chicken and egg: i can't show off that i actually know how to tank until i get into a group, can't get into a group unless someone knows i'm not noobed etc. :))

 I've been playing my rogue Rilke in the downtime. Level 61 with a handsome matching Tier 1 and 2 kit, I'm available for all your stealthing and stabbing needs...
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