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Asking for help for the final push to 70

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  • Asking for help for the final push to 70

    Sax is rested through to 70 and I've cleared my schedule the next two evenings... anyone available around 8pm server for a 5-man or two?

    I'm complete up to Durnholde, so I've got quests for Steam Vaults, Shattered Halls and Black Morass. But I'd be up for anything at all that yields XP.

    Please send tell in game or post here and I'll look for you.

    Saxen cheers TG
    Saxen | 70 Protection Warrior
    Belize | 70 Enhancement Shaman
    Rilke | 64 Mutilation Rogue
    Noye | 62 Shadow Priest

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    Re: Asking for help for the final push to 70

    TG groups are the preferred case of course, but don't forget the LFG tool. As a tank, you are in demand. I pugged every step of the KZ key line simply because my schedule didn't allow me to get TG groups at that point. PUGs will help you refine your tanking skills like nothing else will. They also teach you to be a leader in a group, how to pull, and how to pace the rate at which a group can progress.




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