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  • My departure

    Farewell and a big thank you to all of TG. I count everyone in TG as a friend, and it will always be that way.

    As anyone who reads the forums knows, I tend to be a thorn in the side of TG's leadership. My view of squads and 25man raiding does not match with TG leadership's view. I haven't been happy, haven't been having fun lately, that is why I am not in TG anymore.

    The "guild chat incident" that I initially gquit over did not offend me. It disappointed me. As mature gamers, we all know what is not an appropriate topic for guild chat.

    I fully intended to get reinvited back into the guild immediately. I left in hopes of getting people's attention, hoping guild chat would calm down. I was not invited back immediately because it would set a bad example concerning people who gquit when upset. I understood and agreed with that reasoning. As a result, I had some time to think things over.

    The last few months have been an emotional roller coaster when I was at odds with people in the guild. I've lost friendships over some of the discussions, which I deeply regret. I was tired of bringing up issues with the guild. I was tired of being at odds with TG's leadership.

    All of these things added up to me not being in TG anymore, and I hope that you can understand.

    If I have offended or hurt you in anyway, you have my apology, I never intended to. I'll be playing Hitchins for a change of pace, but will still be happy to help on either character if you need me.

    Peace be with you,

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    Re: My departure

    I must say as an old dude here to play and have fun, I've never once failed, when Hitch was in the group, to enjoy both. I'll be looking for you.
    Interesting, how so much feeling comes to bear in this game. Do any TGers believe they "win" except when having a good time? I won't be the last to note, there is no "end game" and even the most uber player will not be awarded the human-of-the-universe award. We can have a transient sense of success with our individual and group quest, yet without an inner sense of joy in the play of the game the concept of winning is hollow. I pray that Hitch and all folks who enjoy the gaming experience the joy of play.

    "Add yourself to the sum, and cancel the count."
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      Re: My departure

      I always enjoyed running with you even if we didn't always see eye to eye on everything. I hope that you continue having fun playing this game and keep me on your friends list. Best of luck!
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        Re: My departure

        You've always been one i was able to turn to for advice and a hand when necessary. I appreciate all your help and always had a blast with you in group. You're on my friend's list and you'll be hearin from me :)
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          Re: My departure

          Please ask me along any time you need a pally. :)
          I was not on when any whatever happened happened.
          This guild is large enough for everyone's opinion in regards to squads or spontaeous grouping.
          I looked for you and duck specifically last night and sadly guess i have to add you back to my friends list. I realize that i am a lot older than most of the people here and let me tell you folks, difference of opinion as people have more experience in life (RL and VR) is best served by seeking common ground.
          Hitch was a valuable resource to the guild. I never had an easier time healing alone when following Hitch and Duck---and if I screwed up that never bothered anyone either. When he played Hitchens it was the same. They move fast and knowledgeably thru instances with joy and abandon. He already some time ago had taken care of rep/equip to prepare for heroics etc.
          What were you guys thinking to just let him go?
          Sometimes people get frustrated and just need a chance to chill out/reinvite. How bout i suggest we be a little nicer to each ---course that might be considered quite contraversial :)



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            Re: My departure

            See you around Hitch. I'll miss your insight on some things, but i'm sure i'll never go to long without some underhanded comment being lobbed my way.

            You're on my friends list, And i hope to stay on yours. Keep in touch man.

            I'm planning on respeccing to Irritation pretty soon. Granted, I'll lose the burst DPS from Pissing People Off Outright, but I'll get DoT's and higher damage through AoE's.


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              Re: My departure

              sorry to see you go hitch. hope you stay around and group with some of your friends here. no bridge is ever burned away. also as a note it is sad to see another warrior go.. we are being replaced with druids and pallies ... ;)
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