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Awesome Site for Jewelry!

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  • Awesome Site for Jewelry!

    I know this is REALLY off topic, however, this is an absolutely AWESOME site for cheap, yet, good quality jewelry. The items on the site change every 15 minutes, so that's pretty cool too,

    This is not spam, just thought i'de share this with you guys.

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    Re: Awesome Site for Jewelry!

    Crap, I thought it was gonna be a site about jewelcrafting.

    Meanwhile, my MA teammate KillerClown found this nice site of important jewelry: :D

    He's compiled some other JC resources here:
    Dude, seriously, WHAT handkerchief?

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      Re: Awesome Site for Jewelry!

      Heh. Personally I get any jewelry I need from here.

      Then again, I had a nice discount because my uncle knew the king of Thailand since he placed third in a yatch competition with him (King was first and Princess was second) years back.
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