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Good luck all

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  • Good luck all

    I pulled all my toons out of TG this morning. I wish you all the best of luck.

    TG has been my home for quite a while now, but since the restructure I really don't feel there's a place for me in it. When I joined TG, we were concerned with fairness and "spreading the love" within the guild. As we made real progress in MC, we attracted more and more hardcore, driven players, concerned with rapid progress above all, and many of us caught the fever. Even so, TG was still a place where somebody moved to the queue to allow someone who couldn't make regular raids to experience some new content and get a piece of gear or two.

    With the expansion, there was a lot of talk about leveling with a select group of players, who know each other's playing style and work well together, this developed into the squad structure. Since all the guild leadership jumped onto the first two squads formed, that left the rest of the guild without effective leadership.

    Kudos to those who have stepped up to form, or try to form, another squad, but that still leaves those of us who work horrible schedules out in the cold, since we cannot fit any regular raid schedule, but fit in fine with an open signup, allowing us to fit in where our schedule allows.

    I'm not saying anything I haven't said many times since the expansion, if you want further elaboration, check my past posts or whisper me in-game. It's been a fun ride, and I will be adding many of you to my friends list, but the guild politics and policies have reached their breaking point with me. Good luck!


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    Re: Good luck all

    Damn. I understand how you feel Ana, and I wish you the best of luck. Stay in touch or I'll break your arms! =P

    "REMEMBER! Pillage first THEN Burn!"


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      Re: Good luck all

      Sorry to see you go Fri. I hope you find what you are looking for.
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        Re: Good luck all

        8 toons over 60 well listen Fri Id love to put all your toons on my friends list but that would fill it up with only your So you put me on yours ok..
        Good luck to ya and I hope you find what your looking for in a guild..
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          Re: Good luck all

          You're already there Ricca, and I don't expect to find a guild to accomodate me, there are few places that are like TG used to be. I expect to stay unguilded for a while, and possibly to start a guild just to stop ginvite spam. I suspect I have started my way down a path that will have me leaving the game in the future, as guild commitments and raiding is what was motivating me to play.

          We'll just have to see.
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            Re: Good luck all

            Fri, you are a great friend, an awesome player, and someone who will be missed by all. I am sad to see you leave but I totally understand. You are right about what TG use to be. There use to be a time when it meant something to care about others and to help others out in this game. Those days seem to be a thing of the past. Now the ONLY thing that seems to be important is RAID, RAID, RAID. I truly feel that it is high time that this guild decides on if we are a HARDCORE end game guild or a CASUAL one. I think some people need to stop and consider what is really important in this game, downing some stinking boss or the friends you make in this game. It's sad but IMO this is just one of many more to come. I don't like the new TG attitude and it wasn't like this when I joined this guild. The only thing that has kept me from leaving is that what is important to me in this game my FRIENDS.
            There are some awesome people in this guild that truly care about each other, just to bad everyone didn't feel this way. So let's decide if we are HARDCORE or CASUAL so people can make a decision on if they want to be a part of this NEW TG ATTITUDE. BTW Fri, I love ya man :):)
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              Re: Good luck all

              argh...deleted my own comment...basically:

              Let's keep this positive.
              If you don't like it here, try to offer up something to help us work better, not just complaining.
              We are both hardcore and casual.
              We've just had a hardcore and casual leave, because we are luke-warm. We can satisfy the majority, but the extremes on both sides will feel like they are still wanting something.

              Thread locked to reduce drama.




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