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  • 2.1 supposed new features

    The exclusive story of gaming magazine Games for Windows reveals some new little tidbits coming into our game after 2.1.

    Guild Banks
    Some of the key features of guild banks will be the ability to allow some of your members to use the money put in the bank for repairs (from NPC's and bots, which will have a new option) and reportedly will have hundreds of slots for items and such. The potential is ripe for abuse but Blizzard will have it set up so that transactions are documented on their website and abusers can be reported and Customer Service would then get involved.

    In-game VoIP
    Good-bye Ventrilo and Teamspeak? Blizzard is gearing up to add VoIP straight into the game for players that will help the problem of players not knowing or recognizing someone's voice and missing a critical heal or other critical game play needs. A players name will be highlighted when they are talking and you are able to click on their name then to select them and give them their buff/heal/etc.

    There will also be the option to separate the voice chat from the game music sound to different sound channels. So you could (in theory) have the music and sound effects going through your regular speakers and the voice chat going through just your headset. To begin with, the VoIP will only be available to Parties and Raids but there may be room for expanding on that with custom channels (presumably for guilds).

    PUG comms ftw?
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    Re: 2.1 supposed new features

    I think by after 2.1 they mean that its going to be in development after they get 2.1 out live.
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      Re: 2.1 supposed new features

      great you can now hear all the rude PUG vulgarity right over your speakers instead of just reading it.
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        Re: 2.1 supposed new features

        In the same issue of GFW, be sure to read the last page, Greenspeak, written by the editor in chief, Jeff Green. It's quite a fun read. He talks about what's needed to make a game "fun". (Hint: Breasts.) He closes with what you call a game that lacks of any of these ingredients. (I won't spoil the surprise.)
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