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"Lets just fight him in the tunnel"

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  • "Lets just fight him in the tunnel"

    TG Rewind completed MC Sunday with a swift kick in the junk to Rags in around 3.5 hours.

    Admittedly the group was a little cocky inside there, but in the end I suppose that's OK, since we were making decent time. In fact, we were plowing through bosses left and right.

    We only had one slipup, and it wasn't with the expected Shazzrah or Executus, no this was with our big glowing ball of fluff Baron Geddon, which we decided instead of waiting in Gaar's room, we'd fight in the hallway between Garr and Shazz. Note to all: Explosives and narrow Corridors = bad.

    Lucifron went down pretty quickly, but positioning was way off from what we used to do, at least as far as the guards went.

    Magmadar was nothing interesting, Muirc was the only one in the raid with Tranq shot so we pretty much just ran with Magmadar Enraged, but he diddn't last too long.

    Gehennas was another quick one, but there were a few issues regarding the Rain of Fire.

    Garr was actually pretty fun. Correct me if I'm wrong on this, but I believe Jedril had 7 of Garr's Surgers on him near the start of the fight.

    Baron Geddon - See note above. We got him when we brought him back to Garr's room.

    Shazzrah was one of the predicted problem childs. We defeated him where he stands, not in Garr's room. Minor issues with the porting but no wipe!

    Sulfuron Harbinger was pretty easy, again I believe we had one person tanking 3/4 of the healers at the beginning, and I think it was Jedril this time as well.

    Golemagg was a joke, like I would say as usual If I still diddn't remember dying on him quite often when we were running MC. In fact, I think we got him down to like 4 or 5% before he did his stomp frenzy.

    Majordomo wasn't anything to be afraid of. Some mistakes were made in our plan, but it turned out well anyways. I think someone actually took one of the purples here.


    No sun's baby! (though we cut it close)

    So anyways, Ragnaros dropped his gigantic hammer into the lava once again. That means as promised we have a BWL group setup for next Sunday.

    Now will you come Luna? =p

    I would like to also take this time to tank Crebis and Sajier for both immensely assisting with the strategies.

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    Re: "Lets just fight him in the tunnel"

    I addition, we walked away with a ton of Nexus Crystals(30+). We will be using those to get people keyed for Naxx, so check your Argent Dawn faction, find out what you need for your key, and let me know how many crystals you need.

    Arcane Crystal: 0/5
    Nexus Crystal: 0/2
    Righteous Orb: 0/1
    Argent Dawn Faction: Honored

    Arcane Crystal: 0/2
    Nexus Crystal: 0/1
    Argent Dawn Faction: Revered

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      Re: "Lets just fight him in the tunnel"

      Rock On! Wish I could have made it - sounds like you guys had a good time. Hopefully I can be there for BWL and beyond.
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        Re: "Lets just fight him in the tunnel" the corner of my mind.....
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          Re: "Lets just fight him in the tunnel"

          sounds like a fun to see how bwl goes
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